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Resume question

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In the section of a resume where you list your work history, if you were layed off from a position in one of those famous massive layoffs . should you note that somwhere in the resume so it doesnt look negative on yourself??????:confused:
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it doesn't reflect badly on your work history that you've been laid off. employers are more savvy than that, they know the economic conditions are fluid and these things happen. be straight forward, this may come off as an embellishment and send up red flags for the prospective employer to look closer for more of the same - which we all do - hey we're trying to get a job and want to present ourselves in the best light possible. just my 2 cents, but i'd be wondering why you even thought it necessary to mention the why, instead of the fact that it just happened.

good luck
I think I would list it, as you don't want to show any gaps. They may think you are trying to hide something. Better to show it, be positive (don't slam the company for downsizing), and continue on...
I don't know what the official word is, but I think it would be OK to put, in the description of duties of the job you were laid off from, "...performed these duties until I was terminated in a company-wide reorganization", then just pick up with the next job.

That's just my opinion.
Don't say why you left the job at all unless it is right before a large gap in employment. Large gaps are what they look at, they wonder why it's there, if it was just a lull in the economy it's a way to explain that gap. They really don't care that you were let go, quit, etc unless your resume shows you constantly job hopping
When it comes to resumes, don't put anything in that explains why you left or got layed off or were fired from. If the perceptive employer is interested they will ask you and only then do you verbally express the whys. Being layed off is nothing to be ashamed of, nor anything to feel concerned over unless the terms of termination were under bad circumstances such as you didn't get along with your boss, or you were a lazy employee, or you did something like steal from you company. Otherwise, don't worry about it, and don't comment on it in the resume. Resumes should be kept as short as possible, be organized and spell checked.

If you need any help email me.
Originally posted by Gibble:
Large gaps are what they look at, they wonder why it's there,
holy cow..I'm in trouble. I havent worked in 7 years (except for subbing at my kids school) How on earth will I ever re-enter the work force when I want to, with such a huge gap? I'll probably never get another decent job again. :(
Was that sarcasm valley? It's not a problem if you have a reason for the gap. Looking after children is a great reason. The point is if a person constantly has 6 month gaps between each job they have, obviously there is some reason they can't find a job easily. If they don't have good reasons for these gaps and employer could assume that the prospective employee was just too lazy to look for work, they may have had a job where they just pissed off their boss and didn't want to put it on their resume, etc...

As long as their are reasons for the gaps it's not an issue.
Originally posted by Gibble:
Was that sarcasm valley?
no, it wasnt.

As long as their are reasons for the gaps it's not an issue.
ok, I understand you now. Thanks for explaining.

Part of the reason for my frown, that I didnt add, was that my secretary skills are probably so rusty that I will be useless as anyone's employee when I do go back. I was thinking that I will probably need some refresher courses to prepare.
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