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Restore Points - How are the managed

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I use restore points on my Windows XP Pro machine. They have saved my bacon many 'a many times (mostly from my own self - but a few times from those from the outside.)

Since the creation of a restore point is generally automatic, and can consume MBs all over the drive; I'd like to know how to manage them better.

I know I can disable the capability - which will remove all restore points; but I'd prefer to remove only those from a specified date and older.

I've not yet figured that out.

Can someone help me on this? :confused:

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Thanks AcaCandy,

It was the perfect article, for the question. It was a refresher for me as I have forgetten some of the details.

Happy Easter to you also. I have been very busy lately and it hard to get some free time to help others, which is relaxing to me. My wife thinks I am crazy. She goes shopping, which I think is crazy. Oh well each to their own, as they say.
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