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[Resolved] Windows wont load plz help

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My PC was working fine, but when I got home and powered it up, it goes through the boot sequence, but then it says " While initializing sdd help Invalid licence" The computer then shuts off. I have no idea what this means. It's running Win 98 se.

PLZ PLZ help:confused:
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Appears to be a scitech display doctor program which you have installed...

Have you tried starting up in safe mode and uninstalling it?

> press and hold the ctrl key as the computer starts. Select safe mode from the startup menu when it appears.
I uninstalled it, then searched out any remaining files and removed them, but its still doing it.
There are a couple of methods you can use to try to isolate the source of the problem. One would be to try "step by step" confirmation and determine what file or device being loaded causes the problem. Step by step is available through the startup menu (ctrl key on startup>startup menu...)

Another would be to use "clean boot" troubleshooting techniques using msconfig. You can bypass all startup group, autoexec.bat, config.sys, win.ini and system.ini groups for a test and see if the error still occurs. Then enable them selectively to isolate it.

Also using msconfig>advanced, you can load just a standard VGA driver to see if it is video driver related.

Guidance in using msconfig can be had from the startup and clean boot troubleshooters....;EN-US;q188867

I would also suggest running regedit and using the Edit>Find tool for searching out any reference to sddhelp or remaining entries for the software. In fact, this might be a good first step, as the entry is quite likely in the registry.
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Thanks a million.
I used regedit, and searched. I found several sdd entries, and deleted them all. It boots fine now.
Thanx alot.
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