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(Resolved) Windows Temp file removal

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I have quite a few sub-folders in the Windows\temp folder: _ISTMP0.dir, _ISTMP1.dir, etc., also CTZAPXX with sub -folder. Is it okay to delete them (these are dated Aug 2003)? Also, in my Windows folder, I have many folders .(in blue) $NtUninstallKB...$. Are these the updates I downloaded from the Windows site? Can I safely delete these (and the sub-folders within)? Many thanks for your response
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Anything in the Temp folder is eligible for deletion if you have met this criteria.
1) The date of files contained within are older than current date.
2) Your system has been restarted since date of file creation.

Files are stored in the Temp folder section for use by an installing program during the next restart. For instance when you install a program or hotfix or update from Microsoft after install the installer may request a restart of the system. This is done because there are elements of the install process that cannot be done while windows is in full operation. There could be many reasons why it cannot install during full operation but one could be certain programs are protected or in use normally.
Anyway the information required to finish the install is written to the Temp directory and a corresponding Wininit.ini file is created and place in the C:Windows directory. The Wininit.ini file contains instructions on how to complete the installation using the information stored in the Temp directory.
So if all programs found listed in the folders in the Temp directory are old and already installed then delete the contents of the folder or even the folders themselves if you wish. I leave the folders personally since they consume little space but that is my preference.

As far as the the $NtUninstallKBxxxxxx items, these are backup files for Microsoft Hotfixes and for other windows updates that can be uninstalled if the user has trouble with them. The information is stored in that folder, an add-remove line entry is present in the control panel, and a corresponding registry entry is present for your use if you wish to uninstall a certain fix or update.
It is up to you if you wish to remove your ability to uninstall the fixes but I encourage you to leave them just in case something surfaces as a problem in the future.

Hope that helps in the decision making.

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Great! Answers my query perfectly. Many thanks.
Anything in the Temp folder is eligible for deletion
never done me any harm
Glad I could help JS!

Take care and will consider matter resolved.

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