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[Resolved] Windows 98 safe mode

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Hey, just wonderin, is there any way to start Windows98 in safe
mode from DOS............??

Any and all help appreciated.........


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I'm not sure why you'd want to use this, unless for some reason you can't access the startup options menu by pressing and holding the ctrl key at the beginning of bootup...

but, this will work in Win9x. From a c:> prompt enter:

win /d:m
I was told they could not access the start menu using F8.

So I thought I would ask here if there was another way to safe mode, like going through DOS.

I talked to them again and apprently they finally got it to work using F8.

Thanks for the help, problem solved.........................
You're welcome, yes the f8 key should be universal. Ctrl will work for 98 an ME. It's gotta be done quickly though. In the last two you can also set an option in msconfig > advanced to load the Startup Menu.

In some cases the "bootkeys" do not work because there is an entry in the msdos.sys file which disables them.

Glad to see there was no real problem.
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