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{RESOLVED}Windows 98 CD Keys Where in registry

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where does windows 98 store your cd key in the registry? How can I find out what the number of the cd key was that loaded windows 98 to my computer? I mean the system is intact and working in safe mode, but I can't remember what the key was, and can't find my cd. I hate moving. Anyway, I know how to use the regedit feature, but I don't know where windows 98 put the key.
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Were you planning on reinstalling from the cab files? Not really clear what you have in mind with the product key when you don't have the CD...

But welcome to TSG.
I installed windows 98 on a computer, years ago. My family and I outgrew it, and so we fixed it up a little more and gave it to grandma. She lives in SC, we live in OK. This year, we all thought that it would be nice to give grandma a new computer (upgrade, as she calls it). The new computer has windows ME installed on it. Grandma never did have any problems with the old computer, and we forgot to send the CDs home with her and the first computer. She wanted to put the old computer in another room and leave it there for guests (grandkids) to play non internet games on. So, I started taking all the internet stuff (not explorer, of course) off of it, because they only slow it down. You know like, MSN messenger, yahoo mail, and a few other I-net junkers. Anyway, now it will not boot back up to windows, it will only boot to safemode. I didn't plan on having to fix any computers for Christmas, so I didn't bring anything with me that could do that, like Norton and stuff. But, I did put all the cabs on the HD when I installed it, just like the setup readme file said to do. So, I know that I could reinstall windows and that would fix the prob. But, I don't have the CD key. I know that it's located in the registry, and since I can boot to safemode, I could write it down again, if I knew where to find it. But I don't, so I'm stuck. Please help. Thanks for the reply.
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Okedoke. If you do a regedit Edit>Find search for ProductKey it will pop right up.

Or you can manually navigate to


Look in the right hand pane.
Thanks, I'll give that a try in the morning. I really do appreciate the help. It's time to go to bed.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
For those interested, there is a way to retrieve the Product Key even when you cannot run Windows at all. You can do it from DOS. Here are the commands:

attrib -r -h -s *.dat
edit system.dat

Now, do a search in that file for the string "productkey". The windows Product Key will come up right next to that string.

Note: If you are prompted to save any changes when exiting the DOS editor, DO NOT.
Thanks for all the help. Both of the ideas that I received worked like a top. Grandma thanks you. The wife, kids, and I thank you also.
May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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