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[Resolved] Win98 won't Start! Plz help

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Hi I have win/98 and when I was dlling some skins for cs my computer locked up and when I restart it now it says that file is missing and that windows can't start up it says on the microsoft website ( that I have to put in the win/98 cd and load the file from there.. only problem is I don't have the windows 98 cd-key and the person I bought the computer from has A monopoly on it so whenever I need to wipe my computer I have to go back to his shop.. can someone plz help me?!? :(
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Here is in an attachment. You must unzip it, then copy it to a floppy disk.

Once copied, restart the problem computer and press and hold the ctrl key. You should get a Windows startup menu. Choose the command prompt.

You will be at the c: prompt

Now place the floppy in the floppy drive and enter:

copy a:\ c:\windows

There is a space after copy and after in the above command line

You should get a message 1 file copied; if already exists you will be prompted to overwrite it.

If this still does not resolve the problem and you wish to reinstall Windows, and have the System CD, you can retrieve your current ProductKey by entering this command at the c: prompt:

C:\Windows\Command\Find /I "ProductKey" C:\Windows\System.dat

It is a 25 character code, copy it carefully

there are three spaces in the above command line, one before and after /I and one after "ProductKey"

By the way, the ProductKey is not required just to extract files, only to reinstall Windows.
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You are a golden God... Im going to post all my computer windows 98 problems here from now on

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hey man ur the best do u know how i where u can get a win 98 cd for my self?
yeah replacing worked =)
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