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[Resolved] VIRUS PROBLEM : supiter or

1120 Views 15 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  steamwiz took over my homepage & MSN Search. Anyone else have this problem? I downloaded "spybot search & destroy"... but I still can't get them off my MSN Search (when I click on Search on the top toolbar).
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Download hijackthis

Unzip, doubleclick HijackThis.exe, and hit "Scan".

save the log file and paste it here

I downloaded hijackthis and couldn't open it on several tries....also encountered tooooo many pop-ups including Bonzi!
Maybe, I should give "Spybot" some time to work. Dell Tech says it takes a few days!

Before we sort out why you can't open hijackthis Do this :-

Please go here and download startuplist 1.51 :-

Download to any folder or your desktop
Unzip the zipfile
Double click the exe file
go to Edit - select all - copy - and paste the results in a new post here

see if that works ok for you

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I right clicked on the spybot icon & opened it. 140 problems were found & fixed!
So is everything ok now ?

I answered your PM - but I guess you didn't read it

You may have to run spybot twice to get rid of everything - did you search for and download updates ?

By the way spybot taking days is B***S***

You still need to post hijackthis log file because spybot probably didn't take out the new Xupiter varient "squire"

I ran spybot twice.....when I go to a web page and click on Search at the top, I still get the wrong search page...I'll check out xupiter varient squire on spybot and search for & download updates. What do you mean: "By the way spybot taking days is B***S***"
He probably means it's B***S*** , LOL

SpyBot takes about 2 minutes to do a full scan on my drive, although if you have 20 GB of files, it'll certainly take longer.

SpyBot does detect and remove the Sqwire variant, provided the very latest updates are installed.

To help troubleshoot your Search redirect we really do need a Hijack This log.

Another thing to try is this:

Go to Internet Options, TEmp Internet Files, and hit "delete Files".

Next, go to the Programs tab and press "Reset Web Settings".

Reboot when it's done.
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I don't know how to unzip!!!
click the online tab to search for and download the updates, then shut down and relaunch SpyBot.

Do you mean what is the word B***S*** (Bulls**t) trying to put it discreetly.

If spybot doesn't clear it, then we need "hijackthis" to delete the registry keys

Thanks. I followed your instructions and I finally got my Search reset with it's original settings. Thanks alot!!!
Sorry, I moved on to answer another post and the remembered you said you couldn't unzip

Do you have winzip - if not go here and download the evaluation version - it never runs out :-

Let me know if you need more help

Glad you're sorted but it would still be in your own interest to show us your hijackthis log - but thats up to you :D

How do I correct the problem of incoming e-mail going into my Deleted Items instead of Inbox?

You will stand a much better chance of your question being answered if you start a new thread in the "web and email" forum - nobody will see your post as it is on the end of a thread allready marked "solved"

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