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I have used my UMAX Astra 1200S since October of 1997 with success. However, for some inexplicable reason, the computer no longer recognizes its existence. I receive a "scanner link failed" message. Under Device Manager of System Properties there is no "Resources" tab which I believe indicates that the device is not using any resources which in turn may indicated that there is a hardware conflict, yet I have not installed any hardware in 18 months. System properties also indicates that the driver is without defect and located at C:\windows\INF\Umaxusd.inf.

I ran a program called "FreshDiagnose" which disclosed the following:

Device Name: UMAX Astra 1200S
Class Name: Image
Hardware ID: SCSI\UMAX__ASTRA_1200S___V\PCI&VEN_9004...

Hardware Setting
IRQ Number None
DMA Channel None
Port I/O None
Memory Range None

Additional Information: IRQ's

0 System timer
1 Microsoft Keyboard
2 Programmable interrupt controller
3 Intel 82801AA USB Universal Host Controller
3 Creative SB Live! Value
3 ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering
4 Communications Port (COM1)
5 (free)
6 Standard Floppy Disk Controller
7 Printer Port (LPT1)
8 System CMOS/real time clock
9 Intel 82801AA SMBus Controller
9 ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering
9 SCI IRQ used by ACPI bus
10 Adaptec AIC-7850 PCI SCSI Controller
10 MDP3900 PCI Modem Enumerator
10 ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering
11 3Com EtherLink 10/100 PCI For Complete PC Management NIC (3C905C-TX)
11 NVIDIA GeForce DDR AGP (Dell)
11 ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering
12 WheelMouse2 (PS/2)
13 Numeric data processor
14 Primary IDE controller (dual fifo)
14 Intel 82801AA Bus Master IDE Controller
15 Secondary IDE controller (dual fifo)
15 Intel 82801AA Bus Master IDE Controller

Of Interest:

When doing a "Diagnostic Test" on the scanner, it passed. "Diagnostic Test" done
as follows: Start>Settings>Control Panel>Scanners And Cameras. Clicked on UMAX
Astra 1200s, then clicked Properties and then clicked "test scanner". Not only did I
hear the scanner function but the result was "your scanner successfully completed
the diagnostic test".

However, whenever I attempt to use any program to scan an image, I receive the
prompt that "scanner link failed".

Please be so kind as to suggest what actions I could take that might resolve this problem.

Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter.


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Easy stuff first – refresh your SCSI card in device manager. This should happen every time you boot, but it is worth a try. Remove your SCSI card in device manager and reboot. Windows will reinstall it and it will re-detect all of the SCSI components. Your little utility gave no report on the SCSI bus, which is what you are interested in. My old Umax would go AWOL and I would have to change the SCSI ID to get it back. Make sure there are no yellow exclamation marks while you are in device manager.

Uninstall VistaScan (or MagicScan if you use that). Do a search for TWAIN and delete any files you find – there should be several in the Windows folder. Do a search for Umax and VistaScan (or MagicScan) and delete any files you find. Reinstall VistaScan.

What happens is that the twain files become corrupted and an uninstall doesn’t remove them. A reinstall doesn’t replace them if they are there. This is the Umax procedure for an AWOL scanner – works for most others as well. Umax also recommends emptying the recycle bin before reinstalling VistaScan.

If you just do point and shoot scanning it is of no consequence, but all Umax SCSI scanners can use their high end MagicScan driver. It is much better for quality work if you involve yourself with tweaking the scans. Big download though. Description: I used it for years with my S-12. Look around the rest of that site – good info there.

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Hello Slipe,

Removing and restoring The SCSI card solved the problem. I appreciate your efforts. My wife thanks you, my children thank you and I thank you.

Jerry (Smolensk)

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Isn’t it nice when it works out? Wish it always went that way.
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