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[Resolved] Recycle Bin shows empty but it's not...

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Until now I thought that I'd seen most of the Recycle Bin weirdness that people run into now and then ... the 'ol "Recycle Bin icon wont change after I empty the recycle bin etc...

This one is different yet ..... I look in the Recycle Bin it's empty .... I create a folder on the desktop and send it to the Recycle Bin and look in it ..... still empty :rolleyes:

Yes I right clicked on the Recycle Bin and looked at the properties and the "Do not move files to the Recycle Bin Remove files immidiately when deleted" box is Unchecked so it ain't that ....

On the file dropdown in the Recycle Bin I have the "Do you wish to empty the Recycle Bin" option and whenever I say "go for it" it tells me are you sure that you want to delete the 32 files in the Recycle Bin? .... well no I don't thank you ... I just wanna see where they are hiding at before I do anything.

I've changed nothing in the REG .... but I will if someone can tell me what to change and where.

I'm at a loss here :confused:

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Close out all open programs and Windows and open a Command Prompt. Enter:

rd /s recycler

Then reboot afterwards and open Explorer and try deleting something. It should rebuild everything.

I'm assuming this is WinXP by the way.
Just a thought. You are using Win2K Pro Fat 32 right. Have you tried using Tweakui to rebuild the icons?


Opps Rog posted ahead!
rd /s recycler .... I'll give it a try although this is Win2k it should be ok ... it's worth a try.

I'm the event that doesn't work out then TweakUI it is ... I never had a prob with it with Win98 .... I've heard horror stories about it in Win2k ........ but I aint skeeeered ;)

Thanks guys appreciate the help...

I believe the folder is called recycler in Win2k, but you may not get the correct directory when opening a command prompt.

If recycler is on the c:\directory, you will have to CD to that for the command to work.

If rd /s recycler does not work in 2k, try

deltree recycler
OK thats deltree recycler at the C prompt correct?...

hmmmm thing is there is no recycler in here :confused:

I did look for recycler it doesnt exist ... I tried the rd /s recycler first and no can find that file :(

OK I tried to RUN sfc /scannow and it wanted the WIN2K CD It did its thing and I rebooted but nada :(

I'm about to try out the 45 yard field goal into the 50MPH wind but I'm letting the clock run down and hope they dont call a time out. .... looking like an overtime game at this point.

Here's a silly question ...... where I wonder does the File dropdown in the Recycle Bin get the information that there is 32 folders that can be dumped?

Is it possible to just Delete the Recycle Bin and Reboot to a nice fresh working Recycle bin?

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It has to be done in DOS.

Evidently the file is the same as in 9x, which is:


So open a command prompt and enter

deltree c:\recycled

If the deltree command is rejected, try rd /s c:\recycled

But DO make sure you get a prompt confirming that the folder being deltreed is recycled or who know's what you will be deleting.
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If the deltree command is rejected, try rd /s c:\recycled

It didn't like deltree ... however rd /s c:\recycled worked out fine and after a reboot I sent a folder in there and it now shows up just like it's suppose to. :D

Thank You Rog .... this one can be marked [Solved]

Two questions:
Why did this happen if anyone would know?
Just what is the 'rd \s' command?

videobruce, the recycle bin has some internal hidden files which can become corrupted. When they do, deltreeing the folder (meaning clearing all sub folders within it as well), forces the operating system to rebuild them from scratch and resolves the problem in all versions of Windows that I know of.

In WinXP and evidently in Win 2000 the deltree command is not supported. Instead rd /s stands for remove directory and all subdirectories. It can also be given as rmdir /s
Win 95 and Win 98 had the DELTREE command that deletes all files and sub folders.

DEL /s will delete all files

RD /s will remove all files and folders including the root folder

rmdir - Remove folder(s)

Equivalent Windows NT commands:

DEL - Delete one or more files
RD - Delete folders or entire folder trees (DELTREE)

Is pretty much the same as what ROG explained before.

The cmd.exe in Win2K is not Pure DOS ... I guess thats why they call it a command prompt.... and it works for these things.

however a bootdisk is needed to get to pure DOS in Win2K.

I'm not sure if XP is like Win2K wherein DOS is concerned.

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