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{RESOLVED}Re: Windows 95 Fresh Install

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How do I install a full or any version of Win95 without having DOS installed first? I have both full and upgrade versions.
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Boot form a Windows 98 boot disk.
If you don't have one, download one here:

Choose the option to start with CD-ROM support. Put your Windows 95 CD in the drive. Run Setup.exe from the Windows 95 CD.
You don't need dos to install win95, just use a win98 startup disk for cdrom support and it should install just fine.
Tnx to Brian and Max 19. Brian do you mean with a Win98 Startup disk and a Full or upgrade version of Win95? I am adept at installing Windows fresh (install 98 with a Win95 CD for proof Win Me with a with a Win98 disk for proof) but I've tried to install Win95 fresh before and I got 'no DOS' tyype errors even with the full version. Maybe I shoulda wrote the error mewssage down. Not stuck just asking for future reference.

I tried to fresh install a Win95 upgrade and it said I needed DOS 5 or higher. Can you help?
Styxx, Go my web site and follow the directions for installing windows. I have a very detailed instructions you can print out and follow.

As Brian said you will need a boot up disk with win98 because it has the cd drivers on it.

Good luck, actually it is very easy to do.
I don't know what the error was. I've installed OS's clean a lot. Problem solved.
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