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[Resolved] Programs will not start -- Please Help!!!

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I am having a problem with what seems to be a virus. I can access the web and disable/enable my network, I can also access my anti-virus software and run scans(which I have done already), but I still cant open any of my programs. Everytime I do i get the same error.....

Windows cannot find the program...."path"... Make sure you typed the name correctly and try again. Or do a search.....

If I try to access anything in my control panel, it tells me that I am missing the rundll32.exe file.

I really cant remember what I was doing before this happened, besides being on the net...

Please Help!!!!!
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This indeed sounds like a virus/worm. Go HERE and check your system.
It was surley a virus... I used PQremove and it fixed it. thanks again....
You're welcome. Come again! :D
I am having the same problem, if anyone has any more information about this, it would be apprectiated.
There are so many worms and variants out there it's hard to tell. They come attached to e-mails mostly. It's always best to have and up-to-date anti=virus running. One of the best a/v's is eTrust EZ Anti-virus You can try it for 30 days free with all features. Buy it for $19.95 with renewals at 9.95 per year.
no virus scan could pick anything up, but I did find something deep in the regestry that was affecting it, so I'm not sure what it was yet.
bigpeters There is a worm that installs itself (I think it was pws hooker) and then makes the hooker program. It affects a lot of .exe files including Norton's. Then it sends all cached passwords and keystrokes back to a server. After 2 weeks, the file deletes itself. An update A/V will find it and remove it. If you don't have an up to date A/V, then I suggest you run eTrust A/V for free for 30 days. Download it, it'll update itself, then run a complete scan. Do not run 2 A/V's on your system at the same time. You can get eTrust EZ A/V HERE
i cant quite remember the name of it, it was something like the "lentil" or "letnil" virus. The panda program picked it up effortlessly, though Mcafee didnt pick it up at all. I highly reccomend Panda Quick Remove...
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