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{RESOLVED}missing device file 1mu1.vxd

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Each time I boot up (windows 98) I get the the following message " windows cannot find a device file that may be needed to run windows or a windows application. The windows registry or windows INI file refers to this device file but device file no longer exists. Try uninstalling the associated application using the uninstall or setup program"
The missing device file is 1mul.vxd or ImuI.vxd. Its difficult to tell if the I is an I, L or a number 1.
I am then prompted to hit any key, then the windows desktop loads.
Can I get rid of this error message, delete the application or install the device driver? If I am to install a driver, where do I find it to download?
Many many thanks
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Hi Bev,
the device file seems to point to a logiteck mouse application, if you have a logiteck mouse I would reinstall the drivers and see if that resolves the problem... here: is the link I found pertaining to this problem, it's not much, but it's a start...Rhett PS... not knowing if, or which logitech mouse you have, here : is a link for logiteck drivers, hope it helps :)
Recieved this from bevysr :"I have a microsoft serial mouse, but my registry has an intellipoint mouse listed. My computer friend told me to go into sysedit , find the ImuI.vxd file listed & put a semicolon in front of it so windows would bypass it when it loads, but its not in the system INI files. Does this make sense to you?"

She lost me there ! Someone wanna jump in ??

Did you previously have a Intellipoint mouse? It may not have been uninstalled fully. Do a search on your PC using Find Files for lmul.vxd. I think its a little L mu and another little L.

Is it anywhere on your system? If you manage to find it, rename it from lmul.vxd to lmul.old

Did you look through all the files in sysedit?

Thanks, Eddie, for the info on the missing Lmul.vxd file. I did do a sysedit search for the file & it is not on the HD. Rhett helped with a couple of sites to go to, which I did. I also had a computer friend search the sites for the download of the file & he found it! Everything is working great when I boot up now. Thanks to all of you for your help. I've never known a PC site that helps so quickly & are so very friendly & kind to everyone, as this site is!
Have a wonderful & safe new year!
Glad it's working Bevy, it's what were all about ! ...Rhett
Hi Rhett,
I downloaded Spider after my last post to Tech Support Guy. It brought up a lot of hidden URL's, but it wouldn't delete them. It said Spider was unable to remove them. I guess I'll have to order the Eliminator. It sounds great & there is a 30 day trial period if you don't like it.
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