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[Resolved] Macromedia Flash Won't Install

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Hi all. Was wondering why I can't get Macromedia Flash to install. Am running WindowsXP Pro. I have tried downloading it several times from the Macromedia flash Website, but to no avail. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance for your time. :)
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I've known people to have this problem usually Adware or Spyblaster won't allow you to install.
I wasn't finished:

If have a pop-up stopper program or SpywareBlaster/SpywareGuard installed. If you do some of these programs have a setting to disable Flash which you must turn off. Also if you have a Firewall disable it then try to download & install FlashPlayer & Shockwave.

Go to this site. It lists numerous support links about uninstalling and installing flash player. Be sure and read the one entitled "Uninstalling flash player" - download the uninstall utility and run it and then try downloading and installing the Flast player.

Good luck!
Dear BigTex:

Thanks for your feedback. I am going to try your advice, and I will let you know how it goes. :)
BigTex, You are the King!!!! Here's what I did:

1. I went to the Flash Website and downloaded the Uninstall Flash 7 File
2. I disconnected from the internet, and closed IE
3. I uninstalled Flash 7
4. I disabled my Spysweeper to sweep drive C
5. I disabled my Firewall
6. I reinstalled Flash 7
7. I turned my Spysweeper back on for Drive C and Enabled my Firewall
8. Now it works!!! :up: :D

You're Awesome, thanks so much. Glad to know Chilvalry isn't dead!!!

I juz luv bein' a damsel in distress. ;)

Want to be on my Christmas Card List?

hee hee

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You're very, very welcome!
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