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(Resolved) Help!

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Everytime I visit certain websites my browser closes out completely without giving an error message. Every browser window I have open closes out when I visit these websites. What is wrong and how do I fix it?

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What browser are you using? And what operating system too?
I am using IE but Netscape also has the same problem. I am using Windows XP Home Edition.
If your having the same problem with two different brands of browsers, we can probably rule them out as being corrupt.

Your protected system files might be corrupt though and it won't hurt to check and see. If you copy and paste the following into the "RUN" window and press "ENTER" you can check your system files to make sure they are ok. You will need your installation CD to do this.

You might also want to do an on line virus scan to see if a virus is causing you grief too.
My PC came with Windows XP installed on my computer. All that came with it was a Quick Restore CD. Will that work? Or should I do a system restore?
Sounds like you might have a Compaq. Try the command without a CD and perhaps it will find the cab files if there are any. I'm not sure if you have cab files installed on the computer, but if you do, you will probably need to direct it to the cab files manually when prompted.

If all else fails, a system restore might work.
Thanks! I ran System Restore and everything seems to work fine now.
Those System Restore CD's come in handy sometimes. :) Glad to hear that everything is ok. :up:
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