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[Resolved] Getting RID of a Virus!! {W32.weird}

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I recently bought Norton Anti-Virus But it won't let me install untill the virus is gone. The Virus name is W32.weird. I already tried House call but It never removed any thing It said It was clean but in truth it was still there. How can I get rid of the virus with out Formatting? Please HELP!!!
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My advice is go to housecalls & run the free online virus scanner.
Click here to do so!

and to protect yourself from hackers etc... Get Zone Alarm
Click here the free version is fine

then there is spyware ... go get Ad-Aware
Click here to download it

this should get you in shape

Savvy :)
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I already did the House call and It didn't do any thing!! It scanned and said everything was clean. but It wasn't clean at all!
Because it downloads an update to your system if housecalls said it was clean it most likely was clean of virus and worms... but not spyware...try running after downloading Ad-Aware. This will find the spyware ... some of which is as bad as a trojan.

Savvy :)

[edit] I am sorry.... I missed where you identified the w32. ... when did you run housecall?? What date was it?
I download the software but when i went to install it said corrupt Installation

tuesday of this week!
OK... I found this :

Let me look for a solution
OK I will try it I thank you for helpping me!
Greg I found a solution... go here & scroll to the last link on the bottom of the it .

Savvy :)

Post back w/ results please

please use Ad-aware also
I'm running it now we will see!
Well I ran the program and I had to reboot. then I choose to run it again and the files came back up as infected
which said infected & with what?
We have had some prior successes with InoculateIT in cleaning and restoring literally hundreds of Weird infected files.

You cannot register this, so skip that phase of the install if you use it. It can be updated though through Tools>autodownload, or the "latest exe"

You won't need to update it to clean Weird.
Thanks for your help the Virus was kicked to the kurb
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