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[Resolved] errors {}

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i have two errors how do i get rid of them 1lexplore has caused an error in messmod.dll 2 error loading c:\windows newdot ~3.dll `
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Have you rebooted the system since you got the errors...if not shut it down & then reboot.

Savvy :)

newdot ~3.dll is spyware, eitehr from Kazaa or from that

Download AddAware
Install and run it, ensuring that deep registry scan is enabled. You can remove all except any references to Web3000 or If you're unsure, copy/paste the list



The latest versions of Ad-Aware will not remove New(Dot)Net any more, as it's 'no longer considered spyware'.

Do this:

First go to Start/run, and type Msconfig. Go to the startup tab, uncheck New.Net application, and click OK.
Now reboot, and the program will not load again with Windows, preventing the recurrence of your error message.

Now go to Software add/remove, and remove New.Net application there.

Don't attempt to remove the dll manually, because that may cause the loss of your internet connectivity.

If uninstalling doesn't get rid of the dll (it happens), try this:

First, you will need to locate the ".dll" file that is on the computer. Do this by doing a search for "newdot*.*".

The file will be located in your "Winnt" or "Windows" folder (depending on what version of Windows you are running). Once found, make note of
the actual filename which should look something like this:

Example: newdotnet2_90.dll

Close the Find or Search window then...

Click Start
Click Run
Type in the following line:

For Windows NT users:
"rundll32 c:\winnt\newdotnet2_90.dll,NewDotNetUninstall"
For Windows 95/98 users:
"rundll32 c:\windows\newdotnet2_90.dll,NewDotNetUninstall"

Click OK
You should then see a small window asking if you want to uninstall the application. Click Yes. Once this is done, restart your computer. This should keep the .dll from loading up at startup of your computer.

More info:

Good luck,
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thanks guys your help was great:p
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