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{RESOLVED}e-mail I didn't send to people I don't know

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I'm getting mail from people I don't know and didn't send mail to
that says I sent mail to them that contained a virus. They want to
hurt me. I need help.:confused:
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There are many viruses that use your address book and also changes the sender to mask its originator.
Go to this site and run a full online virus scan.
If a virus is found allow it to help you remove it and post back what it found.
PE Magistr A clear failed c\windows\command\star
Joke SALARY A Non cleanable c\windows\temporary Internet
Joke 150 ALERTS Non cleanable c\windows\temporary Internet
JS EXCEPTION GEN Non cleanable c\windows\temporary Internet
PE Magistr A clean ok c\my documents\i81xghlp.exe
PE Magistr A cannot access c\program files\incredimail\D at
same as above
same as above
same as above
WORM HYBRIS M noncleanable c\program files\incredimail\D at
PE Magistr A clean ok c\program files\incredimail\D at
same as above
same as above

This is what the scan said.

:confused: :(
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oh no.... I see you're in trouble again...:)

ok... you got snow white & the 7 dwarfs
its the virus name... sigh

Lets see what we can do? first of all you ran housecall... but did you follow thru & delete everything?
No I didn't delete anything. I didn't realize I should.:confused:
yea... you always do what the virus scanner suggest

what virus scanner are you using on your system?

Not the one online... the one you have onboard your pc?
I used the one that Davy told me to.
you mean you don't have a virus scanner on your system.... shame on you....
we'll work on that too after we finish this

ok go back to housecall & scan again... this time copy what it says again... but delete the virus!
let me know when you get back... there is much more to do!
if you can not purchase Nortons antivirus ... then by all means download this free antivirus scanner ...AVG
}{Unable to clean file C:\ProgramJiles\Incredimail\Data\Identities\

number one reads:
Store\Attachments\{1242B74D-32A6-417E-8E26-78468AA97160}\START.EXE' currently in use

}{Unable to clean file C:\ProgramJiles\Incredimail\Data\Identities\
Store\Attachments\{48A52AFD-C3BE-4A3B-9FAF-B5E713D1FEB2}\Science.scr' currently in use

Unable to clean file C:\ProgramJiles\Incredimail\Data\Identities\
Store\Attachments\9C9E597C-4A5C-4DD2-AF1E-01CCCBCA37F5}\Science.scr' currently in use

Unable to clean file C:\ProgramJiles\Incredimail\Data\Identities\
987}\SULFNBK.EXE' currently in use

These are the only 4 left after I deleted.
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ok.... go get AVG... ok?
that is if you can't get Nortons... & I mean now.. not tomorrow
another thing you need to do too... while you have your browser open... go up to tools... click on internet options then go to security tab... click on the bottom to reset default & then click custom level right beside it. Go to ScriptActiveX & disable it. the javascripts above that should be set for prompt
:confused: Well I've done everything you told me to and I've
downloaded the antivirus until I get to the store for Norton.
Now what? Dose this mean that everyone on my adress list
has the virus now? I don't know how much of this I can stand.
Thank you so much. You have been an Angel. Bless you.
Try to install AVG as Savvylady has suggested. I think to give it the best opportunity to delete those infected files that are "in use" you are going to have to run it from safe mode. Once you have it installed, restart to safe mode and run it. Have it delete all infected files it can.

To start in safe mode, press and hold the ctrl key as the computer starts up. You will see a "startup menu". Choose safe mode from that.

Also download the file from the site below. After running AVG, open and run the file. It will place a "startuplog.txt" file on your desktop. Copy and paste that in your next reply after running AVG and deleting what it can.

If you don't have a zip program, you can get an unzipped version from the ONLY IE link at the bottom of the reticulated toys link.

I'm going to move this to the Security/antivirus forum.
well spoiled... I think Rollin Rog is going to help you now... you got some really nasty viruses... Im not confident in being able to guide you thru it properly...
If he doesn't explain it well enuff tell him so. Hes a good guy!...:)
you set the configurations on the AVG to cover your mail... also update it now too.
I have no idea what you mean about setting the mail.:confused:
ok SB... on AVG you can set it up to scan your mail as well.... play with it til you learn how to do that
I have to go to bed... I can't stay awake any longer.
Rog will help ya

Good Luck !
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