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[Resolved] cdvsd.vxd fatal error after IOMEGAWARE install

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Recently I installed the version 4.02 of iomegaware, as I have a USB 250 Mb zip drive.
From that moment on, randomly but generally when I activate an explorer search, I get a General protection Failure due to cdvsd.vxd.
I have read everything about this kind of crash, apparently this is due to a problem solvend in the Windows 98 SE, but this OS is exactly the one I run ... therefore the problem may be different.
MS reports that a patch is available but not downloadable. The procedure to get it (but not sure it will solve) has been hardly complicated, at least in Italy.
I tryed to hide the cd_read.vxd file in Iosubsys, unsuccessfully.
Of course I hasked iomega support. They pushed me to reinstall the previous version of iomegaware as the last one gives troubles ( !!). This I did but without result.
I would not like to reinstall Win98 SE fron scratch.
Do you have any suggestion ? Thanks
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It looks like you may be able to get the "hot fix" updated file from this site, they link to the MS article I think you are referring to:
Thanks, I have downloaded and installed.
In few days I will report if the problem is solved for the sake of others.
The MS KB article is one of several treating that kind of failure.
The experience will say if that's it !!

Thanks a lot for the support.
After several days of test I verified that no more crash happen during the Windows 98 SE (after startup) use.
Infortunately I exeperienced randomly startup CDvsd.vxd blue error windows, as I said only during Win Startup, immediately after POST. These startup crashes were unrecoverable. At the repeated startup no problem occurs ... and the system works regularly. But the problem, connected to cdvsd.vxd conflict with some other dll or vxd, even if reduced, still exist.
Thanks a lot for cooperation.

Manlio Laschena
Manlio you said you tried to "hide" the cd_read.vxd file in c:\windows\system\iosubsys and that this was "unsuccessful"

What exactly did you do to 'hide' it and what was the result?

Have you tried renaming the file


Here is a list of other drivers in the folder which you can experiment with renaming. You can definitely leave all the Seagate Backup vxds renamed and the Scsi1hlp.vxd as well
exactly .. I have renamed the extention of the file.

I will try to hide more vxd files.

I think I can state that the conflict due to iomegaware version 4.02, causing a blue unrecoverable error message from cdvsd.vxd error, is solved with running the 274370usa8.exe patch and renaming the extension of cd_read.vxd in order to hide it.

The reason I continued to have several errors after the pach loading was that for some "strange" reason the cd_read.vxd was not hidden.

Thanks all for helping
Have a nice New Year

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