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[Resolved] 98 Brow Window too big

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My browser window is too large when it is maximized. How do I adjust it?

Tried right click on desktop/properties/settings/advanced

That didn't change anything. OE window is affected too. The screen is just a little too wide and the X box (close window) is not showing.

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it might be that your monitor is displaying too wide for the screen. mine has a button with the picture and arrows showing adjust out <--> and another for adjust in -><-. try adjusting in and see if that helps.
I might be mistaken but I don't think you can adjust the browser window to be too large like that from within Windows or IE settings. It rather sounds like the monitor adjustment is out of alignment. Can you use the Monitor's screen width adjustments to bring the image within range?

One possiblity though is that there is a registry setting that might have become corrupted. To reset it do this: run regedit and navigate to the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

In the Right Hand pane, right click on and delete the value "Window Placement". You must do this with the browser closed.
I did adjust the monitor size and it works fine now. Problem fixed. Thanks.

A little curious though. I have the regedit open, and I do see the the window placement you referred to. I have been warned about making deletions from the registry for so long, that I never do it -- only because I am the kind of guy that does nothing, and all of a sudden the browser is too big. I mean, why did THAT happen? Who knows? You think you know a computer, and then it goes and gets a big browser. There you go.

If I delete the windows placement registry entry, I am guessing that it will rebuild itself on reboot to factory default. Is that correct? Or will the world come to an end? The latter is always a possiblity when I fool around with the registry.

While some cautions regarding the registry are quite valid for the uninitiated, most registry edits do not pose dire threats, but it does take some experience to know which. Yes, in this case the default value just gets recreated. You CAN backup what you do by highlighting a key (the folder in the left pane) and selecting the Registry > Export (save) function. This saves it as a .reg file which can be double clicked to merge it back to the registry. In a worst case senario when the change you made keeps Windows from booting, you can boot to a command prompt (through the startup menu reached by pressing and holding the ctrl key on startup) and at the command prompt enter: scanreg /restore

Possibly the monitor is just getting old and not holding its values or else you or someone else inadvertantly changed a setting.

Glad to hear all's well.
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