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(Resloved) WinHEX changed icon sizes.

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I recently installed WinHEX v10.65 and it changed the size of my smaller icons, such as those in the favorites menu/system tray, and now I can't get them back to normal. I am running Windows XP. I installed the prog, my icon sizes changed and it told me I might have to restart so I thought nothing of it. I checked out the prog, didnt like it, uninstalled it without restarting and now I can't fix the icons. I have restarted since then and even used Tweak UI to rebuild my icons and no luck, any help would be appreciated.
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I don't know about the program you mentioned, but in my experience working with desktop themes and the like, the system tray icon size is effected by the font size for the title bars of your windows. The bigger that font size is, the bigger the time display is, the bigger the icons in the system tray.

Take a look at the title bar... is it or the font any larger than normal? I don't know how installing a program would change that, but it's the only thing I can think of. If so, you can change the size by accessing display properties and adjusting the size in the appearence tab.

Hope that helps :D
Everything is the same except the smaller icons. Thanks though.

Try this, though not sure if its the problems you're experincing.

Rightclick on the Taskbar, near the clock and choose Properties. Look for the option Show Small icons in Start Menu. Untick, Apply and OK.


Thanks but XP doesn't have that option and it's not just the taskbar or system tray, yet not all the smaller icons changed, attached is a pic of what I mean. The "Links" icons and the window icon are among the many icons that immediatly changed as a result of installing WinHEX.


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Sorry sweetkitten, you were right about it being the appearance but it wasn't the font size, I just restored the XP theme and it fixed it. Thanks.
Heh... I didn't get an email on your reply. Odd. Anyway... just wanted to say: you're on deviantart, too?:D Where at?

Glad you got the problem fixed, too. :)
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