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Replace ATI 9800XXl AGP with what?

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My Radeon ATI 9800XXL is overheating & shutting down the display (I think the cooling fan died) so I need to another card. The computer is a Medion P4 3.0Ghz HT running the standard 512 RAM (2 X 256).

The upgrade needs to handle my 7 y/o's gaming needs (currently Cars) for a couple of years. If I stick with ATI, do I go for a 256MB 9600PRO ($85) or a 256MB 9600XT ($139) OR do I swap over to Geforce & get a 128MB 6800XT ($155) or 256MB 7600GS ($185)? I take it now would be a good time to upgrade the RAM - what do you guys recommend?

Any other thoughts on how to move forward with an upgrade?

My budget is around $200 (US$140) for the card, $100 (US$70)for memory - I don't want to sink a bundle into this computer as it'll get pensioned off in a year or two. I've got a couple of other more recent computers but they have on board video that won't play the kids game. We don't have the money atm to get a new computer for the kid to play games on - so I'm fixing up the old Medion for him
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You can usually buy replacement fans for a few bucks at Radio Shack and they are usually just screwed on and plug in much like a case fan.
Beginning to sound more like another hardware issue, possibly dying hard drive. Any clicking coming from it? What model, how old?
At this point I would rule out software by reformatting and doing clean install. Possible whatever IT did to save OS was "band aid" and registry is really whacked out. If clean install doesn't do it then download hard drive utility from whoever made the drive and check drive though if old these utilities don't often pinpoint problems. I would also run checkdisk on it before doing anything after new install.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I am replacing mobo on 2 yr old Gateway as we speak here where a bad video card seems to have killed whole system including board and psu.
Hold off returning the card, if your problem is like mine, you may need it...again this is a client machine and it is sooo bizarre it had me spooked. I didn't actually know what was wrong until I went to install video card and psu on new build customer ordered to replace dead Gateway, and found both a 550 watt new Antec psu and Evga 6800 Gt were dead. All I knew was mobo had to be dead as I replaced every single hardware device in it a few times had me really puzzled when I picked it up. Now I realize the video card smoked the whole system as all that survived were the cpu and dvd-rw. That's where being there when it all happened would have saved me a lot of time.
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