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Replace ATI 9800XXl AGP with what?

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My Radeon ATI 9800XXL is overheating & shutting down the display (I think the cooling fan died) so I need to another card. The computer is a Medion P4 3.0Ghz HT running the standard 512 RAM (2 X 256).

The upgrade needs to handle my 7 y/o's gaming needs (currently Cars) for a couple of years. If I stick with ATI, do I go for a 256MB 9600PRO ($85) or a 256MB 9600XT ($139) OR do I swap over to Geforce & get a 128MB 6800XT ($155) or 256MB 7600GS ($185)? I take it now would be a good time to upgrade the RAM - what do you guys recommend?

Any other thoughts on how to move forward with an upgrade?

My budget is around $200 (US$140) for the card, $100 (US$70)for memory - I don't want to sink a bundle into this computer as it'll get pensioned off in a year or two. I've got a couple of other more recent computers but they have on board video that won't play the kids game. We don't have the money atm to get a new computer for the kid to play games on - so I'm fixing up the old Medion for him
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Just wondering if there is anymore info I can add so that someone could advise me?
Are the fans easy to replace? I had thought all the overheating would've damaged the card - but the card (not the fan) works for a while when I start the computer- if I can replace the fan then that would save a lot $$ - it's a DC12V=1.4W - is it likely to be an off the shelf item at a decent computer store?
I managed to get the old fan off & scavenged a similar size fan from an old computer. I just screwed the 'new' fan into the blades of the 'heatsink' on the card and hotwired the power cable for it. I put the card back in the slot and has been running without overheating for 3hrs or more!!

Thanks for the fix!

Only prob I have now is it doesn't seem to work quite right - I get a exclamation mark in a yellow dot next to the radeon 9800 XT under device manager (it is actually a 9800XXL - but I've loaded the latest driver and windows is identifying it as a 9800 XT. If I uninstal the the card in Device Manager and then scan for hardware it loads up OK without the exclamation. When I restart, when i check the device manager again I have the exclamation back... I also get two devices listed both 9800XL but the one is called secondary...

Is this card stuffed or is something else mucked up in windows (XP SP2), the driver or settings somewhere?
Yep tried all that - tried it for hours & hours. It took 3-4 goes to download a driver version that would run & then no 9800xxl version - using a 9800XT driver seems the only option and I still get problems each time I reboot. I don't think I can stand spending anymore time on this - would a new card with new software be likely to resolve it? This computer crashed the original hard drive and the backup discs were damaged as the kids got to them. An IT friend (runs support for a big accounting firm) got it running - but I seem to have a lot of problems doing almost anything with it - I don't want to use up too much more of his goodwill or you good folks here - do I try a new card, or a new MOBO (Vista compliant) or get a new box completely??????
Well I went & bought a xpretvision 7600GS agp card, loaded up the drivers & guess what - same exclamation in yellow dot under device manager after reboot. So the good news is my modified ATI 9800 card seems to work as well as a brand new card...

What other info can I supply to try & get to the bottom of what's causing the error? 'Cars' the video game won't run under either card - 'unsupported video configuration' message on both cards
Thanks for the suggestions.
I'll try a new install in the morning to rule that out - I have a brand new 80G Hard Drive that could go in at the same time - if there are still problems after that it might be adios.
Sorry to hear about your dead system Rich - could be something similar going on here.
Next step will be to return the 7600GS card to the shop - $220 (AUD) towards the new machine...
Just what we need Post Xmas...
The card is a 7600GS AGP - if I get a new system it'll take a PCI-E
I'll hold off until I am certain the majority of the components are affected.
The MOBO has a busted clip that holds the chip, the HD is an old 40Gb from another machine, 350W PSU, SL DVD R/W, DVD ROM, TV Tuner, 8X Card Reader - It was all pretty cool 2yrs ago...
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