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Replace ATI 9800XXl AGP with what?

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My Radeon ATI 9800XXL is overheating & shutting down the display (I think the cooling fan died) so I need to another card. The computer is a Medion P4 3.0Ghz HT running the standard 512 RAM (2 X 256).

The upgrade needs to handle my 7 y/o's gaming needs (currently Cars) for a couple of years. If I stick with ATI, do I go for a 256MB 9600PRO ($85) or a 256MB 9600XT ($139) OR do I swap over to Geforce & get a 128MB 6800XT ($155) or 256MB 7600GS ($185)? I take it now would be a good time to upgrade the RAM - what do you guys recommend?

Any other thoughts on how to move forward with an upgrade?

My budget is around $200 (US$140) for the card, $100 (US$70)for memory - I don't want to sink a bundle into this computer as it'll get pensioned off in a year or two. I've got a couple of other more recent computers but they have on board video that won't play the kids game. We don't have the money atm to get a new computer for the kid to play games on - so I'm fixing up the old Medion for him
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This might seem silly, however why not pull the card and replace the vga fan? As for ram, I would go to crucial's site and input your make and model of system. They will show all compatible ram. I assume you are running xp correct? 1gig of ram should be enough.
You need to pull the card and remove the old cooler. There are a few different ways they are installed so you need to look at your individual card. As to whether or not you damaged the card, the only way to tell is to replace the fan and see. Here is an example of a card cooler. Newegg link
All modern ati cards show two display adapters; primary and secondary. That is normal.
Next this is what I would do.

1 That is an older card and I would not be installing the latest driver for it. I would be using something like a 5.12 or so. Uninstall the current driver.

2 Now run driver cleaner this will remove any trace of the previous driver.

3 Once that is finished, reboot and install the ati driver. Again I would not be installing the latest one. That is really made for the Xseries cards ie x1900, etc.
Have you installed your chipset drivers for the motherboard? If so, you might want to download updated ones and reinstall. After that, I would then install the driver for the vid card.
Next thing to try would be system file checker [sfc.exe]
Next would be a repair install of the os.
Final thing to do would be clean install after backing up any data you want to keep.
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