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removing internet explorer

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how do you completely remove internet explorer? Here's the deal...I have IE 6.0. Some of our things here at work are not compatiable with it so I deciede to go back down to IE 5.5. I went through add remove programs and uninstalled it. I tried to isntall IE 5.5 and it said that a newer version was already installed. I tried to delete the IE folder in program files, but it would not let me delete it. gave me some kind of sharing violation. So, I am at a loss. Any ideas?
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In its Uninstaller via Add/Remove programs you need to choose Restore Previous Windows Configuration

Everything should be compatible with v6. What things arent working right?
You can't!

I just don't use it! Too many security holes and it is feeding the M$ machine everytime you use it anyway!

I'll stick with Opera!
Hello, I also tried to restore a previous configuration, but it just would not work. IE 6.0 would just not go away, so have changed to using Mozilla, and am very happy with it

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Same here after many problems with IE.
I use Opera 6.05 and Phoenix 0.5 and everything is fine !
(I just keep IE dumped)
Tony I've read many cases with problems after using
Ieradicator.I have never used it myself.Did you ?

I had problems with IE 6.0 hanging on Win 98 SE, and finally decided to Ieradicate it (after taking a deep breath, and imaging my drive)

I did a fresh install of IE 5.5 SP 2, and it ran flawlessly.
Not a single side effect. In fact, everything appeared to run just that little more crisply.

Since then I've upgraded to 6.0 and subsequently 6.0 SP1, and it's still running perfectly, giving me no problems whatsoever..

So I recommend it, especially in cases where nothing else appears to work.
If you can, just leave IE there and install Mozilla. That's what i did and i'v been happy since (most of the time...):rolleyes:

but thats just me...

In such a case that you want to continue using a version of IE (as your main browser) I would have use Ieradicator.
But I don't take the risk just to clean some space or some minor speed improvement.
(I still use IE,not for browsing
but for opening saved HTML Documents..).

I have just used ieradicator to remove IE and continue using Mozilla,
and there seems to be no problems so far. Thanks for the link, Tony.

Happy Christmas!


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I have switched over from IE to Netscape 7 since last few days. It is going great, especially tabbed browsing. It doesn't clutter up the task bar and is very convenient in organising related pages together in separate windows.
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