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Removing canceled order from Amazon history

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What does it take to get an Amazon order off my purchase history or change its status from shipped to canceled? I placed an order in January that included one item with free shipping from overseas. It showed as being shipped a couple of days later with a March 2nd delivery by date. A few days later, Amazon notified me that the order was canceled by the seller and Amazon had processed a refund to my credit card. It turned out the seller marked the order shipped before shipping and then found a quality issue. They canceled the order at that time.

The problem is that the item is still showing up in my order history as shipped with the March 2nd delivery by date. My memory is not as good as it used to be. I was checking another order a few days ago and saw the item. Forgetting about what happened in January, I sent a "Where's my order" inquiry. The seller politely reminded me of what happened in January.

I reported the problem to Amazon and got kind of a canned response telling me I received a refund and should contact the seller about any remaining issues. I did that and their reply was that I got my refund and they were done dealing with it.
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You cannot remove it - as Amazon keeps all orders for up to 8 years to ease = re-ordering etc
However you can hide it simply go your account and then on that order click Hide Order
BY then simply going to your account on the top entry you will see view
Hidden orders
I didn't see any kind of "Hide Order" button, but I did see an "Archive order" button that did remove it from my visible order history.

I am kind of surprised that Amazon doesn't allow a customer to tag a shipment as delivered.
Could be due to Amazon USA vs. Amazon UK web site differences.
Yes probably - suppose I should have realised
archive = hide
Sorry a bit slow on that point - as I do not have archive
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