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Ok have a bit of an odd one here.

Have a friend with Windows XP Home using FAT32.

He uninstalled McAfee as he was having problems with it and had bought the latest version, so uninstalled the program and then went to re-install.

Re-install refused to work as it said that an old version was still present.

On closer inspection he still has a C:\program files\mcafee folder, but any attempts to remove this or any of sub files and folders results in a message stating that "Access Denied".

Things I have tried:

1) Removing in Safe Mode - NO still says Access Denied
2) PocketKillBox - Access denied
3) Taking Ownership - Cant is FAT32
4) Killing all processes, stopping all McAfee services - Access denied.

So am stuck here, how can I get rid of these files?
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