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Remove Internet Explorer 11 From Windows 10

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Since IE11 was deprecated by Microsoft on June 15, 2022, I have been removing it from our endpoints using a task I created on PDQ Deploy for our domain. However, it's also easy to remove it from your own PC, if you like, using a couple of basic commands. First of all, run PowerShell as an Administrator. Once it loads, run the following commands:

To Remove 64-bit IE11
Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName Internet-Explorer-Optional-amd64 –Online -NoRestart
To Remove 32-bit IE11
Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName Internet-Explorer-Optional-x86 –Online -NoRestart
For each, you could leave out the -NoRestart switch and it will prompt you to reboot once it has been removed.

Just one caveat: there's the possibility some really old sites will break, even if Edge is trying to run them in IE Mode. However, I've only encountered this from a business perspective with a site running old ActiveX controls. Most end-users should not be affected by normal day-to-day browsing.
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Cool, I thought we would be stuck with this old relic forever.
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I know it's been a pain in the tonsils for years security-wise, so I'm glad it's coming off our machines.
  1. Select Start > Settings.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Select Optional features.
  4. In the list of installed features, find Internet Explorer 11, select it, and then select Uninstall.
  5. Restart the computer when prompted to reboot.
That'll work, too 🙂
I don't think that really is IE11 listed in Optional features. I say that because on my W10 system, it says it is only 1.60MB in size. That seems awfully small.

So I am assuming it is some sort of loader or redirector or something else.

When I look at the Optional features on my W11 system, I see "Internet Explorer mode". And it show 3.29MB.

Either way, Windows does not use it by default. And since it takes up so little space, I'm not going to worry about it.
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