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Reinstalling hardware/drivers glitch

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While trying to reinstall sound card and printer & related drivers I ran into the following prob:
I had downloaded the most recent sound card driver to the desktop and had a driver for the printer on a CD. While trying to get the drivers installed, Win 98se finds the correct driver and the correct location for the driver and begins to install the driver when a window keeps popping up that says, "Insert Disk" "Please insert the disk labeled WIN 98SE CD" I put the WIN 98 CD in the CD-ROM and clik OK and then get the error message: "file cannot be found" For some reason, WIN 98 SE keeps asking for the Win 98 CD even tho the drivers I want to use are not on that CD. Do I need to clear out some Temp files or is the Windows Installer screwed up or what?
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kalvin: Isn't there a window there where you can change the location so that instead of the pc looking for the drivers on your CD Drive, you can redirect them to your desktop location where you have placed the drivers!?

As to the printer drivers, you are saying that you can't just install them from the Printer Software CD in the CD Drive?

Please advise!
Yo, JewisHeritage! Thanx for the response...yes! I get four choices and can check one or all four...I check the appropriate box and put the path to the file in the box and bingo it starts to install the driver and is interrupted by this "Insert Win98se Disk" prompt everytime. I have successfully reinstalled drivers with no probs in the past, and this is a new one for me, too. This one has me baffled! Please help if you can. :cool:
This is common with alot of driver installs, Not only does windows need the driver it also needs some cab files. if you do not have a windows 98 CD do you have cab files installed? If you do when it gets to the point where it is asking for your Windows 98 Cd click on the browse button and point it to C:\windows\options\cabs
Thanks for the reply! Yes, I have the WIN98se CD and I put it in the CD-ROM as requested by Windows. When I clik ok I get a prompt "cannot find files" I'll try redirecting to the C drive location you mentioned in your response and see if the cab files can be located that way. Again, thanks.
Kalvin, When you put your Windows CD in what is the path? I think it should be D:/windows98
I'll have to check on's a friend's computer and I don't have that info written down. I'm trying to troubleshoot for him through this forum. The path his system seems to decide to use no matter what I put there is much longer than just D:\windows98...I do remember that much. I haven't been able to try your other suggestion of trying to type in the C drive info, but I'm not optimistic that will work. It acts like it's the window installer or some "default" path windows gets from a registry entry that is causing the trouble. I can't seem to override it coming from the device manager part of windows. Thanks again.
Don't know if you resolved this problem
but thought I'd throw out whats helped
I often need to resort to using the browse
button when installing drivers. A lot of time
they are in the floppy I downloaded the
driver to. Just hit browse and go through
all the folders on the floppy. If that doesn't
work, you can do the same for the win cd.
Just go through the folders until the file
shows up.
Thanx for the post!! I'll give it a go. Weird thing, really. I know there must be a really simple workaround here, tho. thanks again! -Kal
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