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Registry Questions

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My computer is running slower and slower. I've run defrag and disk cleanups. I've also used the "free" versions of registry cleaners available on the web, but it is still very slow.
Is it necessary to purchase the full version of the programs? Also, I found these by searching for the items in task manager that are actually necessary -- anyone want to offer assistance with this? Thanks!!!
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That is one seriously-bloated startup list.:eek: It needs some serious trimming down.

I've been called in to assist you. Can you post a new HijackThis log?


If you haven't already done it, restart your computer and then delete everything from inside the following TEMP folders:



then empty the Recycle Bin.

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In the Folder Option "View" tab, place a checkmark in all commands that start with Display and remove the checkmark from all commands that start with Hide. Make sure to place a checkmark in Show hidden files and folders. Ignore any warning message that appears. Apply the change afterwards.


I'm not the boss here, but I'll assist you with trimming down that over-bloated startup list.

Click Start - Run, type in MSCONFIG and then click OK - "Startup" tab. Remove the checkmark from:

ATIPTA atiptaxx.exe

Dell QuickSet quickset.exe

DVDLauncher DVDLauncher.exe

QuickTime Task qttask.exe


ISUSScheduler issch.exe

MimBoot mimboot.exe

MMTray mm_tray.exe

RoxioAudioCentral RxMon.exe

RealPlayer0 realplay.exe

(Note: I've provided a link for each of the above so you can review them yourself)

Click Apply - OK, but don't restart yet.

Go into the Control Panel, then into Administrative Tools - Services. When the Services window appears, expand it so you can see its entries more clearly. Double-click on:

Adobe LM Service

Ati HotKey Poller

change their setting from "Automatic" to "Manual", then click Apply. Close the Services window and then restart your computer.

When the SCU window appears during restart, ignore the message. Place a checkmark in it and then click OK.


After you've done the above and have restarted, post a new HijackThis log here. We'll work on trimming down the startup list a little more.

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Be patience and give me time to respond. Your thread isn't the only one that I'm replying to.


Go back into the startup list like you did before and uncheck:

PCMService PCMService.exe

updateMgr AdobeUpdateManager.exe


Adobe Reader 8.0.0 is available to replace version 7.0.8(or whatever build of 7.0 you have).

Download and save the new version, uninstall all older versions, delete any leftover Adobe Reader folders from inside the C:\Program Files\Adobe folder, then install the new version.

(Note: After you install the new version, it'll place 2 - 3 entries in the startup list. Remove the checkmark from them all.)


I'm going to be offline for awhile or for the rest of the evening. This'll give you plenty of time to do the above and then post a new HijackThis log.

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No problem. I'll be waiting for your next reply and log.

I've done something wrong, it's taking longer than ever to boot up, working within applications (including internet) is unusually long. Did I turn off something I should'nt have? I had several errors when trying to run the msconfig process.

The smaller the startup list, the faster a computer will boot up and run.

What kind of error message are you getting when you click

Start - Run

type in MSCONFIG

then click OK - Startup(tab)?

I have not uploaded Adobe Reader 8, it was taking too long to find, even with the link. One other question, I have Adobe Acrobat, will downloading the newer version of hte reader, will that impact Acrobat?

Your computer can have multiple versions of Adobe Reader installed. There's just no need for it. The most current version is all it needs.

Version 7.0.9 was just released and can be downloaded from here. There's also a link for version 8.0.0.

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You didn't answer my question in #32.


I'm not going to have you trim down the startup list anymore, as all the current entries appear to be necessary or required.

I have friends in Topeka, Kansas, so I'm aware of the bad weather there. They had an inch of ice on their driveway this morning.


I'm sure that there's more than can be done to your computer to make it run better and minimize the risk of error messages, but it would take a "hands on" with it. I've had to do that with 2 laptops in the past month to get all the junk and useless programs cleaned out, and it's time-consuming.

Unless you have a computer-savvy friend who can do a "hands on" with that computer and give it a good cleaning out and get it working like it should(and not charge you a bundle to do it), formatting the hard drive and doing a fresh install of Windows is probably your next best bet.

I doubt very seriously if you're going to get a computer repair shop to spend several hours doing a manual cleanup and and troubleshooting, unless you're willing to pay a bundle for it. They will likely suggest doing a format and fresh install. This of course means you'll lose everything you have in that computer, so make sure to back up what you want to keep before you go that route.


I've gone back and read your entire thread. Let's try one more thing.

Go here so you can download and install ToniArts EasyCleaner After it's been installed and you've restarted, open the program and click the "Unnecessary" button. Place a checkmark in "Normal types" and "Temp directories", then click "Find". Once the scan completes, click "Select All - Delete All". This will allow the program to delete everything it found. If it tells you that it can't delete a handful of files because they're still in use, that's okay. Close the program and don't mess with any of the other buttons, then restart again.

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