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Registry Questions

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My computer is running slower and slower. I've run defrag and disk cleanups. I've also used the "free" versions of registry cleaners available on the web, but it is still very slow.
Is it necessary to purchase the full version of the programs? Also, I found these by searching for the items in task manager that are actually necessary -- anyone want to offer assistance with this? Thanks!!!
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holy cow. I can see why it's running slower and slower. You've got a slew of apps running at startup that are not needed at startup. Wait for byteman to walk you through it.
then you can unistall it. But again, wait for instructions from byteman. He's the boss, I am merely a lackey. :)
byteman: I'm actually doing live logs on other forums, just not here. I'm probably qualified to, but haven't gone through the channels yet, and am not worried about it. When I get ready, I'll talk to you or cookie or flrman and figure out what you guys want me to do....WHEN I get there, that is.....:)


Go to start > run > msconfig > startup tab (all the way at the right)

music match, ipod, and itunes can all be unchecked. Ditto for real player and anything that says adobe. Uncheck what byteman recomended above. After you do all that, please post a new hjt log so we can see what changes have been wrought. ;)
mcaffee is fine, all the stuff we recomended is just stuff that does NOT need to start with the pc. All code writers think that their end product is THE coolest thing since heated knives made toast as you sliced the bread.

Wait, that hasn't been invented yet. Let me patent that one, and get back to you.

Regardless, they all put in their code that 'this app' needs to start at the same time the computer starts, or the world will cease to exist. In my msconfig file, I have like 8 things checked, and 2 of them are antivirus. Everything else I tell when I want it to run; not the other way around. Sort of the tail wagging the dog, and all those apps will each chew x amount of y processor speed, slowing it down.

And I'm serious about that knife thing; I see it on the market in the next 6 months, I'm coming after both of you. ;)
thanks, flavallee....switching to lurker mode, and will watch you work your magic.
yes it can, and it also chews up space. Once flavallee gives teh okay to run it, run the below. Again, follow his instructions first, as he is qualified to parse your log, and that needs to be done before running atf.

Matter of fact, I'm just giong to let him post the instructions on that. He's the boss now.
lucy04 said:
I'll get the protocol down...signed "frustrated computer user":) worries, he will get it fixed.....have faith.
flavallee said:
You didn't answer my question in #32.
before you take it anywhere, I'd suggest following what he suggests.....when he tosses in the towel, you know you are in deep yogurt.
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