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Registry Cleaner for Vista

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Whilst I had Windows XP I was using EasyCleaner 2.0 as my registry cleaner. It worked well. However I now have a laptop with Windows Vista and would aloso like to keep my registry clean, however I have read that there are some problems using Easycleaner with Vista. So my question is which registry cleaner is best to use with Vista and how do I use it. Someone on this forum was very helpful last time when I needed a registry cleaner and he explained exactly which options to have selected before using it.

Thanks in advance,

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I use tuneup utilities and find it excellent for all my computer maintenance.

Get a free trial and see if you like it.
Thanks. Are there any good free ones like EasyCleaner Toniarts for Vista?
But I would like to know which ones work with Vista. :)
I have used Easy Cleaner 2.0 with no problems whatsoever on Windows XP, so if you are saying not to use a cleaner then I am sorry that is not the answer for me. :)
A chap on this website told me about Easy Cleaner 2.0 a few years ago, and it is very good for Win XP.
CCleaner I would not touch as I can see that with this one you can make a mistake and the whole pc will not work anymore. That is why I liked Easy cleaner. Easy to use
I have used Easy Cleaner 2.0 with no problems whatsoever on Windows XP, so if you are saying not to use a cleaner then I am sorry that is not the answer for me. :)
That is the most consistent answer that you will hear, Not to use a Reg Cleaner.

What any of us may use to clean our system and that works well for us is one thing.
But what we can be recommended on an open forum, with people just viewing the answers given is another matter.

There are many posts here,where the use of a Reg Cleaner has caused many problems.
Not being able to start the computer is just one of them.
Okay I understand, but a gentleman from this forum once explained to me how to use the Easy Cleaner Toniarts. He told me exactly what to check and uncheck and he told me which files not to delete. I have followed his instructions and I have had no trouble. That is all that I am saying. I am not talking about other people but about me. I am careful with what I delete, but I have tried Easy Cleaner and it will not work with Vista. My desktop is running absolutely great and I use EC 2.0 on it. I will not use for example CCleaner as to me it looks very easy to delete something which can cause errors and make pc/laptop not run. That is why I just wanted to ask a professional if he knew of a good one to use on Vista and whether he/she could give me advice on how to use it properly.
Yep I use to recommend Easy Cleaner on this forum.
As did the gentleman you refer to.
Tick the 4 top boxes in Unnecessary file and only remove the green entries in the reg cleaner section.
But hearing so many problems using reg cleaners on this and other forums, I now do not recommend any of them.
One case in point.

You say "My desktop is running absolutely great"
Keep it that way and stay away from cleaning the registry.
That's me last word. :)

Why not to use a reg cleaner..
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I am reading through the link you gave me, but it does not talk about Easy Cleaner. It is talking about a registry cleaner I would not use. Some I think do reck machines. I just wnated to know if there was a similar one to Easy Cleaner that I can use on my Vista machine. That was all. I understand what some of you are saying but just want to have a pc that is running smoothly and free of clutter. Thanks.
From Microsoft: Cleaning your registry once a month via the Windows Live OneCare safety scanner is the easiest way to help avoid these common problems.
This is the only Reg Cleaner for Vista I would recommend for anyone to use.
I wish they would make the reg cleaner stand alone download that runs portable from usb.

Here are 2 other tools that I also recommend.

Erunt (Registry Backup and Restore for Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista) and
NTREGOPT (Registry Optimization for Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista)
Can you tell me how to use them and also what to uncheck and check? Thanks. I do not want to make an error, as it is a new laptop. :)
If that was to me.

Just run the Live Onecare Safety Scanner, Let it do a complete scan.
Then check all the boxes that you see. You'll understand once you are in it.
The MS Vista Reg Cleaner is part of the online safety scan.

For the other 2, just run them, do the Erunt first then NTREGOPT
But I would like to know which ones work with Vista. :)
I personally recommend a sledge is as destructive as reg cleaners but you walk away feeling far more successful, like you get even!
Seriously you will have to go far and beg to find anyone around here suggesting use of anything that even resembles a reg cleaner. There is no demonstrable reason to clean your registry first of all and most pros will tell you there is nothing to be gained and everything to lose.
The advice is all so true.
Nevertheless, I have used such cleaners pretty much since there innovation in the earlier Windows legay days. Since the early Vista Betas, I have used Advanced windows care and Ccleaner on a very regular basis.
I must admit to seeing no "performance" increases, but on several occasions they have ironed out some minor irritations, particularly related to dead paths and installation. Apart from that, I swear I have never had a black or blue "sod" or any other (noticeable) failures.
Most such cleaners offer the chance, before proceeding, to backup - a wise precaution! Again, I would agree that this will not help if you are then unable to boot up you PC. But I do not know of any instance of this happening from a reg clean up.
Before posting, I did a rapid browse on the web for any warnings or links to the dangers of using such software. Apart from postings on such sites as this, I failed to find any. Microsoft, in fact, have quite a large article on how to use their old regclean.
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I have both CCleaner and jv16 PowerTools
Microsoft stopped offering RegClean for download and they don't support it any more.
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