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system specs:
2.4 ghz p4
windows xp pro sp1a
512 megs ram

i have been using winrescue xp for awhile and all of a sudden i started getting error messages while backing up the registry which suggest that the default key could be backed up. the software developer offered no help. i downloaded "erunt" and that backup utility appears to be working properly and backing up the registry displaying no errors, however, when i run "ntregopt", distributed by the same guy, it gives me an error message that the default key cannot be optimized (compacted).

i am vigilant with regards to spyware and virus protection and i believe my system is as clean as it can be in this day and age. although my system is currently running nicely, i am concerned that my critical system files are not being properly backed up (maybe even with the restore point function which is enabled).

i have tweaked many of the xp services as suggested by black viper, however, suspecting that i may have disabled a service which was causing the above registry backup problem, i returned them all the the xp default setting with no positive result.

any suggestions or comments concening this problem would be greatly appreciated. thanx in advance.

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