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Reformatting a hard drive

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I am using Win2kpro. I only have one drive, which is my c: I want to put my operating system, which is Win2Kpro on the c: and have a d: for my data. I was told that I need to reformat my hard drive to do this. What do I do and where do I start?
Help please!
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If you reformat it, you will have to reinstall windows and everything else. The format will destroy everything on your system.

There is software out there called partition magic that will allow you to take the c partition and divide it up. This would be yoru best shot if you are concerned about reinstalling and loosing all your data and settings.
I will consider using partition magic in the future. Since I don't have a lot of stuff to loose, I will just reformat the drive. I need to learn who to do it anyway. So what do I do?
Well, I had written out a long detailed guide for what you needed, and while doing so, I reset my folder view in explorer and it wiped out both replys I was doing when I applied the folder view.

I just found a site that has the info that you need already except for one minor detail which I will go over here. 2000.htm#installing windows 2000

When it gets to partition options, here is where we will deviate slightly.

Highlight your partition, and press D. At the next screen, press enter and at the next screen press L.

Now you should be back at the choose partition screen. Here you will highlight the partition and press C. This will take you to a screen where you can enter in a partition size. Enter in the size you want for the partition and press enter. When it takes you back to the partition screen, choose the one that says New (unformated) Now follow the instructions on website I gave you.

Sheesh something is trying to stop me from posting today. The Xjack hiccuped on my T1 connection and I had to go reset it.
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