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The reason I'm posting about this worm is that I , among others, get email from Microsoft.

A worm disguising itself as a security patch for Microsoft products will in fact reformat the victim's C:\ drive. The Redesi worm spreads by e-mail under a number of guises, and is set to trigger on November 11, 2001. But not all PCs are vulnerable to the worst of its effects, and there is an easy way to stop the damage.

Redesi.a selects an e-mail subject from the following list:

FW: Microsoft security update
FW: Security Update by Microsoft
FW: IT departments on state of HIGH ALERT
FW: Important news from Microsoft
FW: Stop terrorists computer viruses reign
FW: Terrorists release computer virus
FW: Emergency response from Microsoft Corp. FW: Terrorist Emergency. Latest virus can wipe disk in minutes
FW: Microsoft Update. Final Release Candidate
FW: New computer virus

Redesi.b selects its email subject from this list:

Kev Gives great orgasms to ladeez!! -- Kev
hell is coming for u, u will be sucked into a bottomless pit!!! -- Gaz
Scientists have found traces of the HIV virus in cows is the proof -- Will
Yay. I caught a fish -- Six
I don't want to write anything but Si is bullying me. -- Jim
I want to live in a wooden house -- Arwel
Michelle still owes me ?10 ...-- Si
Why have I only got cheese and onion crisps? I hate them !! -- Si
A new type of Lager / Weed variant...... sorted !
My dad not caring about my exam results -- by Michelle,4586,2818442,00.html


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