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First off, thanks for taking the time to click this thread.

Ok... so my windows xp computer has, for the second time, (last time it was around a month ago) begun restarting on start-up every time I turn on my PC. The first time, it wouldn't even go to safe mode, but this time is is, and I'm currently in safe mode with networking. Also, last time the comp kept randomly rebooting for about a month before it went, and this one just went suddenly.

Last time, I reinstalled windows with the disk, But that did get rid of all my settings, drivers and some programs stopped working ect..., so it was kind of like I formatted my computer, though it did keep all my actual documents ect... I thought that was fine though, and didn't have any unexpected problems from then, until now >.<

I tried system restore, but all that did was just get rid of the drivers I reinstalled just prior to the checkpoint I went to for sound and graphics so my sound is gone and my windows/scrolling have gone all weird for the time being, and the same reboot problem keeps happening with it asking to go to last known good configuration ect...

I've heard about the "recovery console" on another thread that was years ago (I Googled "computer restarts on startup"), and it gave these instructions:

(1) Place your xp cd in the rom drive and boot up. You should see this message :-
PRESS ANY KEY TO BOOT FROM CD. Press enter and windows will load, allow it to fully load before next step.

(2) Press R that will take you into the recovery console.

(3) Next you will be asked which installation of windows you want to load, press 1 (making sure your numbers are enabled) then enter.

(4) You will now be asked for your administrator password, type this in and press enter. (If you do not have a password just press enter)

(5) At the C:\ promt type FIXBOOT and press enter.

When the new boot record is written type exit.

but I'm not quite sure what it does, can anyone tell me what it is, if it would fix my problem and what I should do?

Thanks again ^_^
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