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I just recently deleted a folder that i wasn't supposed to delete inside
my EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE. Inside that folder were 2 other very important sub
folders. It was over 8 gigs so when i deleted it, i unfortunately commited
the same mistake of pressing the "yes" button again when it asked the
files to bypass the recycling bin being permanently deleted from the
computer. In fact it happened so fast it seemed like it vaporized. It was
hard to believe that over 8 gigs of files were eliminated that fast,
whereas usually any big file i would delete would normally take a while
for the computer to process. I seriously doubt the worst here, and i have
tried about 4 data recovery programs that were only able to detect the
very main folder that was deleted but not the more important 2 subfolders
inside of it containing the big chunk of the data. I've even been able to
detect files that were deleted months ago through these programs, but not
the important 8 gigabyte chunk i just deleted an hour ago. By the way i
tried scanning both the C drive(main) and the external hard drive and
browsing through the :/recycle folders, but to no avail.

The programs i used were EasyRecovery pro v 2.45, Final Recovery, Free
Undelete and Win Undelete.

Please help....

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you may need a commercial product or aspecialist usually a paid product for this is better put deep recovery of disc into google and many options available,in theory as long as there is plenty of fee space on your disc and you did not wipe with a permently delete programme a restore may work
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