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Recovering deleted files...

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Hey. Can anyone give me some info on recovering lost/ deleted files? I have accidentaly deleted some documents from my computer while performing a backup. Actually I deleted them from the backup before I reintroduced them to my computer. They were backed up on there own slave drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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try some of this tools

Back2Life 2.2: (Shareware)

Disk Commander part of Administrator's Pak (Free Eval CD):

Drive Rescue: (Demo)

Easy Recovery (free evaluation):

Emergency Undelete: (Free/Shareware)

File Recover 2000: (Free Trial)

File Rescue 2.5 Web: (Free Trial)

GetDataBack: (Working Demo) [****]

The Hard Drive Mechanic Gold (Demo):

Media Recover (Digital media and hard drive recovery - $30 USD)

PC Inspector file recovery (Freeware)

Restorer 2000: (Free or Full Version) [*****]
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