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Recognizing new hard drive

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I plugged it in on the same cable as my original HD and set the pin in the "cable select" spot and the computer is recognizing my HD, but I don't know how to create a drive letter for it. I can't see it under "my computer" but I can see it under "devise manager" and it is working properly. Please let me knopw what to do in order to get this drive functioning like my c: drive. Thanks!

(I am running windows XP pro)

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Windows won't see a unformated drive.
Follow instructions here for formatting your drive;EN-US;q255867#5

oops, sorry, didn't notice the winxp

Only way I know of is to boot the computer with a startup disk and then follow the instructions in the microsoft article
what microsoft article? what is that?
Try this

start/settings/control panel/administrative tools/computer management/disk management

If you new drive shows up there you should be able to select it and format

Make sure you select the new drive
Awesome! Thanks a lot!
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