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Receiving Netscape Mail In Outlook

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Can anyone assist me with setting up my Outlook so that I can get my
email all in one place. I have it in my profile though it always tells
me cannot connect to server.

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Hi RonB21,
Try going to tools, services, then click on internet mail, properties
Click the server tab and enter your incoming outgoing mail servers.
Then enter your email address:
Then enter your password click apply then ok.
No Luck,

In Outlook 2002 you go to tools, email accounts, add new account
then you choose from the list, which I have been chosing IMAP.

Well it is not connecting to the server.

Since it Netscape, I chosing IMAP.

Setting things up from there.

Password everything.

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Not using Outlook Express using Outlook 2002
My mistake..In that case I'm not nearly as sure but I still think you can't retrieve Netscape Webmail..
I'd try sending NetScape an email. When I wanted to set NS up in my OE accounts I mailed them. They responded that they don't support POP3 anymore.

Perhaps they'll respond to your question.
Thanks, would appreciate any information.
A Google search in Microsoft.public.outlook.general says it can't be done..... I just glanced at first couple pages of 12500 hits.... See Google search

I've been searching MS Knowledge base not much there either.
I wish there was though I hate going to all the different account to get my mail.
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