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Realtek wrongly detect rear audio output

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New desktop, everything OK except speakers sound. There is only front audio 3.5 output for speakers or headphones. Speakers (Logitech Z313) are connected but sound is horrible because headphones are enabled by default as a playback device. Under device manager my Acer monitor (no speakers) is listed as a HD audio display!? Realtek Audio Console shows that speakers are connected to the rear 3.5 output which doesn't exist (see the screenshot). I tried literally everything (updating and uninstalling drivers, restarting in safe and offline mode, downloading all Realtek compatible software...). The one thing that worked was Microsoft HD audio driver 10.0.22621.608 but only offline. As soon as I connect to the net headphones are automatically back as a default. Any advice is more than welcome.

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That screen I think is showing playback devices
What shows under Speakers
What shows under advanced settings
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Under advanced settings nothing at all. I can't even install Realtek HD audio manager which has much more options. Thinking of uninstalling latest Win. update but as I remember there was no sound from the beginning of installation. Then (in my previous tread) I managed to get headphones sound and thought that problem was solved. Wrong! I wrote to Lenovo, got the ticket number and somebody will contact me within 24h. But my warranty has nothing to do with software. Instead of having fun with new pc l spend all my time in Device manager and Realtek download site.
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No I don't mate. Just tried 18 ways to fix the problem (How To Fix Sound Not Working in Windows 11 (Solved!)) and everything works fine in safe mode. As soon as I connect to the net (after some crackling sound) default audio device changes to headphones.
ps. didn't uninstall latest Win. 11 update yet.
Do you have an option in control panel>sound to allow windows to control sound and not realtek.
In device manager do you see any yellow exclamation marks?
When updating to the latest version Realtek HD manager got this message:
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what browser are you using.
Go to device manager
Properties of the sound
Hardware id
What is the pci ven number
Sorry I wasn't clear enough. When my PC is connected to broadband then speakers disappear. I'm using Chrome and not able to access sound properties.
This morning properties option was greyed out and unresponsive. I am mentally exhausted and done for today. For the whole week l'm stuck in device manager. Thanks for your help. l'll let you know tomorrow what's happening.
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In device manager right click on sound
Left click on properties
Click on details tab
Change dropdown to device hardware id
Post a pic
Sample attached

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This morning properties option was greyed out and unresponsive. I am mentally exhausted and done for today. For the whole week l'm stuck in device manager. Thanks for your help. l'll let you know tomorrow what's happening.
I think I identified the problem. I was using Lenovo app to check hardware. Audio controller passed the test and I heard a sound via speakers. But when I test them in settings there is no such a thing. Please check these 2 screenshots attached. Lenovo was using a different driver. That is the one that disappears when I am online. Strange?


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Problem is still here. Can't roll back driver and Realtek is back as a default after restart. Disabling, deleting or uninstalling doesn't work. If I knew that reseting Win. will work l would do it.
The pic in post #11 for the hardware driver is for a network card
Not audio
There is no properties for audio. Just 2 options: Open, Pin to start.
Sorry, my fault.


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My desktop PC is connected to modem only via ethernet cable. I disabled WI-FI connection. But that's not important. Browser has nothing to do with speakers. I managed to get Intel driver working when ethernet cable was out. As soon as I put it back Realtek driver took over as a default. I'll send serial number as soon as I get home but there's nothing I can do with Lenovo support. The latest driver is installed and speakers don't work, so I'm stuck. Because it's a most likely faulty software I can't even return PC to the store.
Only speakers got analog jack !? Impossible. They are 2.1. channel (2 speakers & subwoofer) and sound was perfect on my old PC.


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when you get home look at post 18
Tried this one as well and it doesn't work: (Redirecting)
From this screen, under the Advanced tab, does the test work OK?
View attachment 304351 View attachment 304352

Also, as Peter requested, what is the model # of that system?
No it doesn't work but it's gone for good. I just returned it to the store. Thanks for your help.
And Pic 32 you have.
I know it says headphone.
Change from disabled to enable
I tried that as well but it didn't work. This morning HD video become blurry as well and some strange noise (humming) was coming from the case. Tried to restart PC and then everything died. Windows couldn't boot and was unable to repair itself. Factory reset also didn't work so the only option left was to install it from USB or CD (which I didn't have). Luckily I was able to return it to the store, swap it for the only regular size desktop in whole city of Adelaide + got $100 back because it was cheaper. Hopefully this one won't give me any headache (it's still in the box). Once again, thanks for your time & help I really appreciate it. Azure Font Aqua Electric blue Technology
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