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Does anyone know of another program that could be used in place of Real Player ?? The way they keep sneaking cookies
into my brouser and changing settings drives me up the wall.
I would LOVE to be able to remove every file or program they
have on my PC, but at the same time, want to be able to open
any audio/video that they support.
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Before anyone else comes along and recommends MusicMatch JukeBox or Sonique or some other god-forsaken player . . . . ;)

Winamp 2.81

Then download & install the official wa2update patch.

Then install the Tara plugin.
This will provide support for all RealPlayer formats
(ra, ram, rm, rmj, rmx, smi, etc)

You are now all set to go.

Note: Winamp needs to be fully closed before installing the patch and Tara.

Unfortunately, the RealPlayer Engine / system codecs still need to be present on your system for Tara plugin to work.
However, there's plenty of RealPlayer files that you won't need any more, so if you're feeling adventurous one day, see this known workaround.

ps. If Winamp seems a bit ugly at first, you can change the look with skins

btw, Keep your eye out for Winamp3, but don't download the current buggy beta version just yet, wait for the next official update release.

*cough* If you were wondering, I'm a moderator on the Winamp Forums *cough*
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