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Rdram Rimms

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Hi guys :)

I need to purchace some memory big time for my dell dimension 8100 (pent 4) I am maxed at 100% I went on line today and found this on pricewatch-what do ya'll think? I have to get matced pairs.
Have 128 now I just want to make sure I am getting he right thing-I am new at this memory upgrade

Memory Bus Speed: 300MHz
Module Size: 256MB X2
Pin-Layout: 184pin
Configuration: 256MB/8 X2
Memory Speed: PC600-53
Voltage: 2.5V
Error Checking and Correction: No (non-ECC)
Manufacturer: Syncmax

All of our memory is not overclocked!
16bit RAMBUS must be used in pair!
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Went to crucial first but they dont carry RDRAM. This is from price grabber-kingston was more expensive I think... I have 4 slots with 2 64's in 2 of them-at least thats what it says-I never actually looked in there. I have never put in memory-I have put in a zip drive and a sound card-that was easy..Im not sure if I have 800 or 600 how do I find out-shoud'nt this be easy too?
OK-this is what I found on kingston

New Search Manufacturer Model Part Number System Type

Dell Dimension 8100
Part Number Description MSRP Buy

KTD-DM800/512 512MB Kit $365.00

KTD-DM800E/512 512MB ECC Kit $365.00

KTD-DM800E/1024 1GB ECC Kit $700.00

This system supports ECC (KTD-DM800E/xxx) and non-ECC RDRAM (KTD-DM800/xxx). When mixing ECC and non-ECC modules, the system will not perform the ECC function.

System Memory Configuration
Standard Memory: 128MB (Removable)

Maximum Memory: 512MB with WINME
2GB with WIN2000

Expansion: 4 Sockets (2 banks of 2)

CPU & ChipSet: Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz
Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz

Bus Architecture: AGP; PCI
Mfgr's System P/N's: N/A

Bank Schema
128MB Standard:

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Found this on price grabber
Memory Upgrades 2PK 256MB PC800 Rambus

Lowest Price:

Product Rating:
Not Rated

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Part Number: 256MBKITPC800E

Rebates: (None)

Description for 2PK 256MB PC800 Rambus: 256MB ECC KIT RAMBUS PC800 (2PCS 128MB ECC PC800 RDRAM). ... Read More
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