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RCA audio out to HDMI or USB input

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I am connecting a headset to a TV and Xfinity box plus an old VCR. There are 2 RCA plugs on the headset. I have no rca on the xfinity box or the tv. The present hookup is coaxial into the Xfinity box, hdmi out to hdmi in on the tv. The vcr hooks up directly to the tv via ?? (I can’t remember now, can’t get to the unit but it’s direct to the tv). I only have hdmi or usb on the tv that will take the headphones. Suggestions? I need the tv to mute while the headphones are being used. Thanks for any help.
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Exactly what brand and model number of headphones or headset do you have? Headphones typically are only for listening to audio while headsets typically have one or two earpieces for listening and a microphone for talking.

What is the brand and exact model number of your TV? A USB port on a TV is typically for viewing picture and possibly video files stored on a USB memory device, not for connecting headphones.
Headphones not headset. Sorry for the mistaken term I used.
On the old Xfinity box, he used his headphones to listen to the tv while the room audio was muted so his wife didn’t have to listen to his favorite westerns all the time! Lol So audio thru his headphones, sound muted in room.
TV - Samsung Model UN55MU6290F
Headphones - Sony Model TMR-RF985R.
I’m trying to do this as inexpensively as I can since they are on a limited income.
I found some basic specifications for the TV here:

The only audio output on TV is an optical TOSLINK jack. There are TOSLINK to analog headphone adapters availble for as little as about $12 USD. The TV should be able to mute its internal speakers and only feed audio to the TOSLINK port. You should be able to double check that in the TV's owner's manual. You should also see if the TV can vary the volume of the TOSLINK audio. If there is no way to vary the TOSLINK volume on the TV, the audio may be too loud on the headphones for his comfortable listening. In that case, you may wish to go with a more expensive TOSLINK converter that includes a headphones volume control. Here is a link to a product sold by Amazon that may be suitable for this application:

If your friend wanted to be able to adjust the headphone volume from where they are seated, you would need to run a TOSLINK optical cable from the TV and power to the converter by their seat.

One other method to get what you want would be to use a TOSLINK to analog headphone converter without volume control. They are typically less expensive. It would remain by the TV. A basic headphone extension cable would run to their seat. An in-line headphone volume control would be added between the extension cable and headphones. These types of low cost volume controls are not noted for being reliable or for adjusting the volume smoothly, without noise.
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Thanks so much, Chuck. I ordered the converter box. I figured that would be a better way. I found this converter box that may or may not work. Any thoughts?
I have no idea how you could use the converter in your link. It is listed as only having an HDMI input. The TV has only one HDMI connector and I highly suspect it is an input, not an output.

The TV is listed as having an optical TOSLINK output and the converter in my original link has an optical TOSLINK input.

If you want to shop at the Walmart site, you would need a converter like this one. It has an optical TOSLINK input and a 3.5 mm headphone jack output. It does not come with any optical TOSLINK cable. It comes with a USB power cable, but I have no idea if the the USB port on the TV has enough output current to operate the adapter. You might need to use a separate USB output power adapter. The converter in my link does NOT have any way of controlling the headphone volume.
No, I don’t need to shop at Walmart. The item came up when I searched so I thought it might work. I found it before speaking with you so did not have all the technical data you have. Thank you! I ordered the box from Amazon so let’s hope it will work. I will let you know. I appreciate your help and extensive knowledge as well as your response time. Incredible service. Thank you so very much! Cheers!
Thank you! Success hooking up my neighbors headphones. I used the optical hookup and it worked like a dream. In fact, he said it’s better than ever before. I turned the volume up almost all the way on the new box. He can always change the volume directly on his headphones if need be. Thanks for your invaluable help!
You're welcome. Glad to hear it is working well for your neighbors. You can mark this thread as being solved using the button by your first post.
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