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RAM upgrade confusion /mobo sysinfo innacurate

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[Asus ROG Strix GL10CS][GL10CS-BS761-CB]

I've been at this for at least 15 hours straight now, I'd love some input from someone more knowledgable. My machine is not giving accurate enough info for me to go for an upgrade.

I just want to find the best RAM kit to max out what this mobo can handle. Speed and performances wise. Something like a QVL list I can choose from. Or a sortable list that I know will give accurate compatibility results.

Basically the problem is sysinfo queries (cmd) win10 + linux tools are giving results which seem completely off when cross-referenced. I think you'll see what I mean with these screenshots.

After much confusion and some goggle foo, I figured my mobo is probably:


even though the specs for B360-I are saying it's supposed to have an on board video card. Mine don't. The pics probably helps you see why I'm in doubt.

Then I looked at a QVL list for B360-I model anyways but, I think it wasn't the right one. I am not confident one bit about which RAM I'd need still.

Stop me if I am completely off but, it seems the RAM that is compatible for B360-I would need to have these specs:

DDR4 PC4-21300 CL19 2Rx8 Unbuffered NON-ECC DDR4-2666 1.2V DIMM 288-pin

I only found those 2 choices and they both look of such poor quality:

2x of: Crucial CT2K16G4DFD8266 2x16GB DDR4, 2666MHz, Non-ECC, CL19, 2R, X8, 1.2V, Unbuffered, DIMM, 288-pin



Is my mobo really the B360-I ? My price range for this upgrade is 150 - 250$, is there anything else that's better for getting this PC up to 32GB of RAM? Am I really stuck at RAM speed of 2666mhz or, "Hyper DIMM support" + my current CPU would help to have faster RAM? Where to find an accurate QVL list to match this build? (without Overclock if possible)

I'm so sorry this was long to read , I just don't know what to do.
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OK, the reason why you cannot find much info is that you do not have an asus motherboard; you have a pre-built system from asus. While the board itself is most likely mfg by asus, it is part of a system and not sold as an asus motherboard.
In short, you need to check the support page for your system;

If you want to find memory, what I would do would be to go to the support page for one of the memory mfg ie corsair, crucial, etc. Input your system and it will show you available memory options, prices, etc.
I generally go here
You click Scan computer and it will give you the information as well as listing all the possible upgrades for your system.

You don't have to purchase from crucial but you will have the details you need about maximum RAM and exact specs for the sticks.
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