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RAM Problem

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I got my new ram today (2 sticks of 4 same ones as before so now I have 4 sticks of 4 GB each) and they dont work. Windows detects them but is always cutting half of the ram detected. So if I put in all 16 it would only say 8 is usable. But now i put in all of them again and it says 8 is usable out of 12. I think one or both of the new ones are bad. I tried running my games and they were slower than before with the new ram in. But when I use the 2 old sticks my ram doesnt get cut in half.
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It might be the specific RAM modules aren't compatible with your motherboard.
It would be helpful if you could post full detailed specs of your system.
I got the same sticks as before. No reason they shoudnt work
I got the same sticks as before. No reason they shoudnt work
Actually there is; many boards [especially older boards] have problems with all four slots populated. Post the exact motherboard you are using AND the exact ram chips; there may be a bios update for ram problems.
Have you installed just the new ram chips to see how it works? If so, run memtest on the new chips. Run memtest for at least 1hr to see if you get any errors.
AND the exact ram chips.
G skill ripjaws v series 8 GB (2x4gb) ddr4 3200 288 pin
What bios are you running? There are a LOT of updates that address system stability and ram compatibility.
Have you run memtest? If not do so. I will be off for a while and will check this later. Gskill ram very often needs 1.35V vdimm set in the bios. Have you set memory voltage?
Ight after this pubg game I'll update my bios right away (I dont have the 2 new ram sticks in)
Memory voltage? Oof nope. Idek what that is lol
OK, before you even attempt a bios update, be sure you read and FULLY understand the flashing procedure. A bios update is not difficult however an incorrect flash can render your board unbootable ie junk.
The ONLY way I ever update a bios on an asus board is by using EZFlash which is a bios utility built into the bios itself.
Holy ****. I was updating my bios and it said processing and then my whole PC shut itself off. I rebooted and all the lights are on and stuff but isnt showering up on my monitor. 2 fans blink every once in awhile. And yes I used the ezflash
Try clearing cmos using the pins. Be sure the pw supply cord is removed and press the ON button 2~3 times. This fully discharges the pw supply capacitors. Once you clear cmos [asus calls this RTC] replace the cord and attempt to pw ON.
There is a bios recovery procedure however it only works about half of the time. I will be OFF for an hour or so and will check this later.
It didnt show the bios recovery procedure. I hope my mother board isnt ****ed
It is something with my monitor. I plugged my brothers PC in toy monitor and it is also saying no signal
I got it. My PC fried my hdmi cord. A new one works thank god
But it still says no signal with my pc but not my brothers...
Almost all asus boards have what asus calls "Crash Free Bios" Your board has this as well.
To use this, do the following;
1 Download whatever bios file you need. Be careful you need to know what bios file you had on the board. Read the notes regarding each update. If you have a really old bios, you may have to update to a certain version first ie you have bios 123 and the latest is 987 however to flash to 987, you must have bios 345. Again read the notes to see if this pertains to your board.
2 Place the bios file on the root of a FAT32 usb drive. Insert the drive into a rear port. Do not use a front case port
3 Open the case and pull the pw connectors from ALL drives. If you have a M.2 type drive, remove it
4 Pw ON and wait at least 10 min. You may or may not get a display on the monitor. If you do, follow the prompts. After 10min, restart the system and see if you get a display, can enter the bios, etc. If all is well, shutdown and reconnect your drives. Pw ON

If that does not work, you can also try the support DVD. It has the original bios file on it. You would have all drives disconnected except the DVD drive. Again pw ON and wait.

Good luck.
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Ok thank you so much. ❤
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