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RAM help please

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Hi.. I have been given a computer for my son which only had 64mg RAM (72 pin SIMM EDO) 2 x 32 ...... I have purchased 64 more today and was told by the man in the shop they were the right ones !! The difference between the old and new is that the 8 black rectangular thingys on the new RAM (youll have to excuse the description but im no techie lol) is thicker than on the old !!
I have put the new RAM in but the computer still only detects 64mg, someone said something about going into the cmos?? to check it is automatically detecting ???? On startup of the computer i do see 'detecting EDO DRAM in slots 0,1,2,3.... Can someone help me please !! I have added the system details below

Motherboard props: QDI VX 111

Motherboard physical infor

CPU sockets/slots 1
Expansion slots 4 isa 4pci
RAM slots 4 simm 2 dimm
Form factor Baby AT
M'board size 220mm x 280mm
M'board chipset 1430vx

Many Thanks
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Hmm. I may know why. Did you buy 2 32 MB sticks of RAM?
yes i did.. although i have just been advised by someone on another site that one set is double sided whilst the other is single sided and they need to be a match !!
Hey flasher,

You're dealing with pretty old memory. (1)

Not only does everything have to match, but RAM comes
in different speeds.

With the age of that RAM, see if they match in nanosecond
speeds. They are probably 60 or 70 nsecs speed. 60 is a bit
faster than 70.

The system won't read the second two banks for RAM if they
are faster than the first two banks.

IF it's the right RAM, then the faster ones need to be on Banks 0 & 1.
Then the slower ones will be read. That may be the problem, since
the system seems to "kinda" recognize the others. If your computer
is a name brand, check out to see if your RAM
matches what they offer.

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Hi Dogbonz

Both sets of RAM are '60', computer isnt really a brand name.. more of a mix n match lol... it does what it needs to but would be good if it did it a wee bit faster lol... I will run and report back tomorrow

Thanks for responding

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