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(((((((((Hi every one, This is my first post here so I hope I am doing it right. )))))))))

I have a Toshiba laptop (satillite a25 - s207 ) and recently I was finally convinced that linux was the way to go.

I had a small problem getting the wifi card activated and working right but end the end I did do it. So What I am having a problem with is while I was looking over my dmesg output I noticed some thing confusing. ::

usbcore: registered new interface driver usbfs
usbcore: registered new interface driver hub
usbcore: registered new device driver usb
raid6: int32x1 733 MB/s
raid6: int32x2 855 MB/s
raid6: int32x4 800 MB/s
raid6: int32x8 595 MB/s
raid6: mmxx1 2206 MB/s
raid6: mmxx2 2773 MB/s
raid6: sse1x1 1293 MB/s
raid6: sse1x2 2376 MB/s
raid6: sse2x1 2492 MB/s
raid6: sse2x2 2865 MB/s
raid6: using algorithm sse2x2 (2865 MB/s)

It is my understanding that Raid drives and controllers are used in commercial servers and others which have sensitive data, I looked around (google) and also noticed that a raid 6 setup is reccomended with 12 drives or more. That is a far cry from the laptop that I possess.

Should I fix this? Is it a problem or deficiency with my machine? Or maybe ..... I've been thinking that this is how Linux keeps track of its different virtual file systems with the various devices similar to /proc.

If you can help with this question please do.

Thanks for it!
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