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Radeon card installation failure

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I'm trying to get two monitors up and running, so I have replaced a GeForce4 video card with a Radeon 9250 with two video ports. I have uninstalled the GeForce4 drivers, but I am getting errors when trying to install the drivers for the Radeon card. I have used the files from both the included CD and also the Internet download.

The error that results from the installation wizard is:
"Cannot install this hardware"
"There was a problem installing this hardware"
"Radeon 9250" (or "Radeon 9250 Secondary" - presumably for the second port)
"An error occurred"
"The parameter is incorrect" (!)

Any solutions?
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Be sure that the Std VGA Adapter is listed/installed under Display Adapter in Dev Manager; if not u need to change the display adapter to this, befor installing ATI Display Adapter drivers.
elanus, sorry--for some reason it seems that my email notification
when someone posts to the thread that i hav subscribed to has stopped notifying me when someone adds a new post.

Unfortunately though i am not quite sure how make sure the std vga adapter is installed 1st in XP befor installing the Radeon drv's for ur graphics card. I know how to do that in Win98SE and WinMe. But i am not sure how to do in XP. I'll look into it and see what i can find out. Perhaps in the mean time someone else might be able to help u with that.
I recently had a somewhat similar situation with a RadeonVE
wher i was tryin to install the new updated drv's for RadeonVE which is the same as the Radeon7000. XP kept installin the included drv's for the RadeonVe but it kept causin the system to crash befor i could install the newly downloaded drv's from the Ati website. Real pain in the butt. I din't wanna fool aroun with it anymore so i just upgraded my graphics card to the Gigabyte Radeon9550 listed in my specs. Lik i say, i'll see what i can come with playin aroun with my own XP installation.

Also too hav u installed the AGP drivers for u MB model form the ASUS website like skiivywaver had suggested.
That might help if there is an underlying problem/issue there
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