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Radeon card installation failure

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I'm trying to get two monitors up and running, so I have replaced a GeForce4 video card with a Radeon 9250 with two video ports. I have uninstalled the GeForce4 drivers, but I am getting errors when trying to install the drivers for the Radeon card. I have used the files from both the included CD and also the Internet download.

The error that results from the installation wizard is:
"Cannot install this hardware"
"There was a problem installing this hardware"
"Radeon 9250" (or "Radeon 9250 Secondary" - presumably for the second port)
"An error occurred"
"The parameter is incorrect" (!)

Any solutions?
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"Are you booting off the card?"

I don't understand this question.
I am booting the PC with the Radeon card installed. I have CRT monitors connected to both the vga port and the DVI port via a VGA adaptor. Both show the same image (so I have turned one off, but it demonstrates that both ports are working) and only one monitor is visible in control panel. Since the card has exclamation marks on both ports in control panel, I guess the PC is using some standard VGA default that allows me to view the monitors.
I'll try the motherboard drivers with my next boot.

My motherboard is an ASUS P4S800
ACPI BIOS rev 1004

The previous video card was a GeForce4 MX440 8X

I've now checked the BIOS and the only parameters that I can find that might have anything to do with video are:
Graphics aperture size: 64Mb
AGP30 capability: 8x Mode
AGP Fast write capability: enabled
Video memory code mode: UC
Onboard PCI IDE enable: Both
IDE bus master support: enabled

I'm no tech, so these don't really mean anything to me, except that a couple of them look like they relate to the old GeForce4 card (maybe)
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Well, I said I wasn't a techie, so here's hoping that this question isn't too dumb. As soon as I uninstall the error video controllers, the Display Adaptors heading disappears from Device Manager. How do I ensure 'that the Std VGA Adapter is listed/installed under Display Adapter in Dev Manager'?
I am running Windows XP updated with SP1
Hmm. Looks like I've lost contact with Rusty1952. Can anyone else follow up my last question about ensuring the Standard VGA adapter is listed?
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